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  1. yeah. It is really hard to replicate photos, but I took a whole bunch and chose the worst lighting/angle possible that accentuated them the most (in both instances), so I think that's all I can really do. Maybe trying tomorrow in the morning the light could be a bit different, don't remember time of day took first.
  2. I tried best to replicate lighting and photos as much as possible Beforefirst 3 pics After second 4 pics I think it improved in the redness definitely, not sure about atrophy, it is hard to tell because I am so close to it and it is hard to be objective about ourselves as we all know because of psychology, although I am more accustomed to it now so I think about it less. Also obvious I'm using stubble now
  3. yeah a bit I think, its always hard to tell. i think smaller box cars got helped
  4. lightest type ginger white no frac how can i prevent sun damage ? i already use spf 50... i never had this issue before if i use sunscreen, now sunscreen doesn't work. i dont want to be hermit living in shadows lol
  5. I had co2 laser done in december, so a few months back I have noticed recently that my skin has been getting red after a shower, and burning a bit when applying moisturiser. This is despite using sunscreen every time I go out. The redness seems to be in areas where I got laser. Using factor 50, not sure why my skin is getting irritated, i assumed a couple of months I would be good to go. I didn't notice this problem last couple of months but there has been literally 0 sun where I live, now
  6. about a year, started 20mg 3 months, then rest 10mg per day, now I do 10mg monday wed friday I will stick with this dose for about another 6months-year then try without
  7. i feel like the risk of migration in tiny pockets on face is inevitable , especially if an area of high movement.
  8. accutane is currently the only thing that actually 'cures' acne if its origin is hormonal and/or genetic in origin. which is the case for people whos acne was bad enough to cause scarring. It works on 100% of people, and has a low chnce of causing serious side effects. For me it's a no brainer. It is a risk, but the alternative is dealing with cystic acne for the rest of my life.
  9. I'm not sure. My treatments were also ineffective. Seems impossible.
  10. Be happy for a bit, then probably focus on other insecurities I have tbh. That's just how brains seem to work.
  11. that's so useless imo. Idk why you wouldn't want to help others if you got f*cked over. I hear a lot of negative rumours and allegations against dr H but 0 evidence and pictures. I am willing to believe FAL can be deleterious, but not if it's all 'Oh I can't talk about it publicly' and no pictures. Just seems like baseless slander.
  12. SO minor not worth treating imo, you have 1 small scar, could get tca for that maybe, and a couple micro needle sessions. You might get a bit of improvement but it's expensive and can be deleterious.