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  1. I have just accepted now that i am totally unlovable. i will die alone. i only wont kms right now because of my family and afraid of death. i would love for this suffering to be over.
  2. tbh this scar journey is making me want to kms. i started optimistic, but two infini sessions produced no improvement and actually made my skin worse, lost collagen, fat, look damaged. i look 10 years older than I am. i have such bad fat atrophy in some lighting it's ridiculous. i have not seen any evidence that my scars can be treated really. can't even go outside anymore because i look like a monster in natural light, nevermind the lighting at clubs and shit like that. idk what to do rly. the
  3. It does reconnect yes, or fibres are replaced with new ones. hopefully more elevated than before. some people only need 1-2, some need more, but there is always diminishing returns
  4. I mean in the first photo they look severe to me, but i guess everyones scars look severe in this lighting. in other pictures yeah it doesn't seem particularly bad but photo quality could be better. imo if your acne hasn't faded with age by now it isn't going to for a long time. i was the same. i plan to be on low dose accutane for a very long time (2-5 years) since i have 0 negative side effects from it, and i want to nuke my acne into remission forever.
  5. From those pics, it's not 100% clear, but it does look like rolling box car and maybe some ice picks. I think your strategy is good, , I understand being against laser, but it does have the most clinical data backing it compared with RF. It may be good to smooth out after your treatments. A chemical peel is an alternative. If you are still getting acne then yes controlling that with accutane is top priority. Personally I had severe acne but 3 months after my first pill I stopped getting n
  6. Well he charges 350 for a consult, so i didnt bother with him.
  7. how old were your scars/where were they on your face?
  8. I see , for me it's only been 6 weeks, so perhaps a little too impatient , but my scars are relatively new
  9. Is it an acne scar? Is it on your face? Cant we see a pick?
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CO8fcwhJ1sH/ nt sure we talk about same person
  11. katie stills says on insta that she is glad she did the laser and that it radically helped.
  12. My consult isn't for a couple of weeks, he is a very busy guy, so prob won't get treatment until around October, but through research and recommendations from experts I am 95% sure I will get an ablative laser, due to my skin type I, relatively recent scarring (6months rn), and nature of scars (primarily box car).
  13. Getting my treatment with H soon so I'll post if he botches it :p, haven't seen any botched cases either, mainly good results, and some medium results, and very few poor results/zero change.
  14. Fully ablative co2 seems like a reasonable approach