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  1. Sorry I was reffering to Dr. Rullan Thank you! I will reach out to his office for a consult! Quick question, I have an appointment set to see Dr. Rullan next week for his "Quatro" (cross,sub,filler,Erbium). It appears that erbium is not really effective on deep boxcar scars. Im now debating if Im better off getting just cross+sub with Rullan and see another derm for fully ablative Erbium/ co2? Or should I just try dr rullans quatro treatment and see how my skin
  2. Wow that was quite alot of info. Took me a few minutes to absorb it as there is so much to learn. Amanda and getsmart, mind sharing which doctor performed your excisions? Thank you!! I am currently looking for a plastic surgeon that performs excision and CO2 laser in my area. Or I am willing to travel if I can find a reputable plastic surgeon. If you decide on a doctor please share!
  3. I used to pop my acne and then pick at the scabs because I couldnt hide it with make up. Makes me cringe just even thinking about it now lol. Yes. Seen people talk about the importance of lighting and here we are lol Honestly as getsmart and you have mentioned my scars are really deep. I been lurking this site and havent seen a post yet with similar case as me, that has seen results from treatments such as TCA+Sub etc. I dont know if tca+sub would be sufficient to raise deep scars l
  4. Yes definetely! Would love to contribute back to the forum and will report back with updates! Attached are current pictures of my acne scar.
  5. Wow. Im just so glad I stumbled upon this site and found out about Dr. Rullan!
  6. I agree. And considering the risks associated with scar widening with the TCA Im not willing to take any more risks with it. Not to mention I feel like I couldve done a better job applying the TCA I am seeing Dr. Rullan for his "Quatro" including Erbium in late August. Hi Shei! Been stalking your posts! I think your scars definitely improved alot. I remember reading you were considering excision for your boxcar scars, have you decided yet? I was quoted ~$3600, IRRC
  7. Btw just to add I did not like Dr. Behnams toothpick application of the TCA. Photos attached. $850.
  8. I had an online consultation with Dr. Rullan and he suggested the same. Thank you for your reply! Thank you for your reply. I was refering to Mr. Rullan sorry for the confusion. Haha. I have made an appointment to see Dr. Rullan in late August! I am hoping to see some improvements on my boxcar scars after I see Dr. Rullan. I know there wont be much from one session but my scars are way deeper than it appears in the photo and I feel like excision might be the best solution f
  9. Hi all! I stumbled across this forum few days ago searching for acne scar treatments and blown from all the info, experiences, and resources shared in this forum. You guys are amazing! I was hoping to get advice and input on treatment options and doctor recommendation. I received my first TCA cross procedure by Dr. Ben Behnam last week, and he recommended that I do a round of TCA+Subcission+PRK next session. However upon reading the forum I see that Dr. R