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  1. i think i want to marry you

  2. This is really cool, alot of people are understanding the concept of what I learned by doing this also, I hope it works as well for others as it has for me. It's super simple if you think about it, stop irritating your skin, give it time to heal, and when it has don't wash it like crazy again. Good luck peoples
  3. I agree that bacteria would build up over time, but I'm not saying that people should quit washing forever, instead, I noticed that my face responded really well to being left alone for about ten days, had I continued forever without washing I probably would have a skin disease, but I washed once then waited another couple of days until doing it again the purpose being to give your skin a break from irritation and bacteria won't grow over a couple of days.
  4. Tap water has loads of crap in it...perhaps bottled water?? MGMT is amazing
  5. Try washing your face once for about five seconds in the shower with lukewarm/cool water without using your hands, then give it a couple days before you wash again, this is whats working for me.
  6. No, nothing at all. I had been washing my face with Cetaphil every morning but I stopped that since I started the no-wash regimen. I just took a shower and got my face wet a few times. It feels soo good. I didn't rub it though, and when I got out, my face looked pretty good. Usually it's all red and hideous because all the oils are wiped off. So I'm going to see how it goes and maybe just get the face wet every few days like waterwater. You're approach is kind of the whole idea I gained from
  7. 5 on a good week 10 on a bad one, no I don't have acne anywhere else. If you're thinking of trying something like this know that if you use something harsh then I would gradually decrease how much you irritate your skin to the point where you're only using water for a period then try something like this. I just don't want people to go from using tons of chemicals to nothing at all within a week and expect to see perfect skin, its going to take time but most importantly stop irritating your face
  8. I'm not a girl so thats a tough call, but if you can I would try to not put anything on your face sunscreen makeup to see what it does on its own, I know thats easier said than done but i never had to deal with having to take makeup off at the end of the day but if you are using it than I would say it definately needs to be taken off or it will do the same thing dry skin would in blocking your pores.
  9. Also, if your a guy how do you shave? The best decision I ever made was to buy an electric razor and when I do shave, about once a week, its at night leaving the oil on your skin helps protect it really well.
  10. They are not completely gone but my overall complexion matches the rest of my body now which really helps to hide them but they have faded over the last month I'm positive and they really were helped by the oil no doubt in my mind I saw it transform from day to day, since my face doesn't break out now I know that they will heal completely also just take some time.
  11. This is the best I can do as to summarize whats happened..... As of about february I completely quit using cleansers all together as it never helped and over the years I was using them they made my face look really red and unhealthy, so from there I started using water morning and night, after about a month my face still was being irritated, so I switched to washing only once in the evening and this helped tremendously but my face still wasn't clear so I started to realize that maybe I have sen
  12. I don't know man all I can tell you is what works for me. For me, any cleanser is too irritating and if you have to be adding oil to your face than we have different skin types. My experience was I would wash and it would dry my skin and then it would get oily, then I would wash again to get rid of the oil and then it would get oily again, so it was just me drying my skin all the time and then oil always coming back instead of being just soaked into the skin. I don't want to prescribe anyone to
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to send pics but I don't see anywhere to attach a file or paste anything soo... anyways I don't know how much use a pic will be its just clear skin now and I don't have any good pics of before where you can actually see up close but regardless I'll email whomever wants a pic to I guess prove that it worked for me if you just pm your email address.
  14. I have one small pimple on my temple and its almost gone, everything else is completely clear. I rinsed my face last night for the first time since friday, I do that now about every 3 to 5 days and I'm staying really clear. Are you oily or dry? You used to be oily and dry right? I'm doing a softcore version of what you guys are doing. All I do spray my face with ACV morning and night, no rubbing, I just leave it on. I just love it too much.. It does great things for my acne and redmarks. Y