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  1. I, too, am in my 30s. I wonder if your cumulative dose has gotten so high that even a small amount of isotretinoin sets you off. Your derm probably understands your frustrations and wants to rid you of your acne. If isotretinoin is all that has worked, then that’s probably the reason for the push.
  2. I appreciate the response. I agree. I hope my blood work checks out each time. Did you end up stopping completely? Did your acne come back? Why did you not just go back to 10mg?
  3. I took Accutane 17 years ago, 10 years ago, and now 1 month ago. I have never had a hormonal test done. That could be it. I just know my face leaks oil constantly. I exercise every (other) day by running and eat very healthy. I think I’m just part of the low percentile that needs it long term. Oh wow. That’s really interesting. I’m gonna do some research on that. I heard long-term studies at lower doses were okay so long as bloodwork checks out. I d
  4. I'm about to start a low-dose long-term treatment. I have completed 3 courses in the past (80mg a day). Oily skin and acne and large pores keep returning. Any of y'all currently on a maintenance program? How is it going?