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  1. I had a acne type cyst right in front of my ear that turned into a boil type mess once years ago. The dermatologist had to lance and drain it, yuck, he even said that when he did it. It was awful, painful. The problem with the antibiotics is that the cyst gets so encapsulated that the medication can't get to the infection, that's why it's not working. If you start to run a fever that could be a problem, you may want to get yourself to a urgent care clinic or emergency room, that is kind of scary
  2. Ok, if the pain and swelling are traveling like that, you need to get yourself to an emergency room ASAP. The meds are obviously not doing anything. As to your question, the infection would need to be gone before surgical removal is pursued.
  3. My son had this on his arms, neck chest and back. He also had a fungal infection a few summers ago in his armpit when he was playing a lot of tennis. Apparently they can be both caused by a fungal/yeast/bacteria infections. Last time the Dr. had him use an over the counter cream and some oral meds. This time I did a search on the internet and found this info. This is what I found that worked, over about a 10 day period. When showering use a clean wash cloth each time and a fresh towel each tim
  4. I have seen that stuff. It's about the same ingredients as calamine lotion, used for rashes and poison ivy treatment (not caladryl, it's thicker) Calamine lotion has worked for me on spots.
  5. My son had been using a electric razor until about 2 months ago. He had been breaking out alot until then for the past 3 years. I had been trying to get him to cleanse his face more throughly but I just don't think he was. His electric shaver needed to get new blades but we didn't get around to it so my husband got him to use a regular razor and shave gel. Showed him how to rub, rub, rub until it gets foamy. His face hasn't been this clear now since he started breaking out. Maybe his electric ra
  6. Maybe it's calamine lotion, Ive use it to spot treat overnight, kind of works. If you do a search I've posted about this stuff, don't know if anyone else has used it. I think it would work for oily skin same as milk of magnisia some people use...but I don't know that. Heres a link http://www.acne.org/messageboard/calamine-...amp;hl=calamine
  7. In my opionion I think it is best to use cold compress to lessen swelling. Warm compress May help to bring to a head, will increase blood flow to the area, but if you increase blood flow it may also increase swelling.
  8. izzie


    I have had them on the deep acne cysts, they kind that are so deep and somewhat encapsulated that medications can't get to them through blood and medication not working on. I am pretty sure that is the only type of acne lesions they usually are used on. I have been told they work best on more inflammed ones, but have had them on ones that are not so inflammed that just won't go away, hard cyst under skin. I hope that helps you. Sorry I don't know the definition of nodules and papules.
  9. lactic acid, isn't that whats in milk? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactic_acid here is some info
  10. When I get really dry, or flakey I sometimes use jojoba oil. Dans regimen sells some on this site at a really good price. I didn't purchase mine here, didn't realize this site sold it or would have. It really doesn't make skin oily, just soaks right in.
  11. I tried alot of the misc. you can buy at stores. I tried the baking soda one a few weeks ago, it was great....and cheap. I gotta keep using this. The apricot ones are just way too grainey for me, feels like using road grit, but alot of people like it. Also the asprin mask, I like to use yogurt, some use honey. The crushed asprin is a bit grainy so acts like a scrub too.
  12. Are you saying danelion root is good for acne. As for the Dr. saying "natural" things are witchcraft where does he thing most of drugs come from, some where down the line it came from a natural source. But Dr's are trained to dispense some kind of medication so...Not saying not to go to Dr. or not to take the drugs prescribed, just that thats is how they make their money. If we could put "dandelion root" on our face and it cured acne then he would have to find another job. There are a million "n
  13. Like Queen Helens too. I here of people using egg white mask, I just don't like the idea of putting raw egg on face w/sammonila> I like using yogurt...dairy has..something in it, can't remember what it's called, lactac acid I think that would be good for a mask. I sometimes use a crushed to powder asprin in it for more exfoliation, leave on 5 min. then rinse off.
  14. Its hard to say. Maybe 10% is too strong. Can you dilute it in some way. Maybe rinse off after a few hours so not on face all day or overnight? Maybe only use every other day, if you are using it 2X per day cut back to once a day. Some peoples skin are just more sensitive to products, some of us have been using such harse stuff our skin is used to the stronger stuff.
  15. I checked, ttlu1130 only post was the one on this tread, highlights words is the same way as suze8834, could it be the same person?