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  1. be careful with the pills, I got very sick and felt like my throat was burned all the way down. Found out through some "e-search" that the pills are mostly acetic acid and some have had horrible burns in their esophagus and became ill just like I did. I broke out in a rash applying it diluted on my face and drinking it made me have bad heartburn..maybe thats why people use ACV to lose weight LOL, cant eat anything without pain
  2. go very slowly, and avoid red meat- I went back to meat after almost 16 years, wound up with kidney stones from red meat.
  3. I use "clearly natural" aloe vera glycerin soap...and the vitamin e one too I bought veggie based glycerin and mixed it with water, small amounts of apricot/vitmin e oil, jojoba oil, some aloe vera (try to find the purest, not all 100% are free of crap) so far jason's 98% and fruit of the earth's (clear) has done well. I love it, use it mostly on body and on my face only when its needed...the CN glycerin soap keeps me from getting so dry. Still rubbing the green tea bag on my face 2 times a
  4. be careful with acv, even diluted it can cause a severe reaction. At first I thought my rash was from one thing, but it was the acv mixture....worst most awful itchy rash I have ever had, it was weeping like poison oak or ivy. I have had success with applying green tea bags to my face and drinking lots of unsweetened decaf green tea throughout the day. Wishing you the best in finding healing!
  5. God bless you, I'm sorry and I know how bad it makes you feel. I used to want to stay inside and not even go to the store. I completely changed everything, threw out all my old makeup. I use Everyday Minerals, not the intensive formula because I've found that covering it up makes it easier to pick later. If I know I can cover it completely, I will pick. I've also accepted that I can still be beautiful and have a zit on my face instead of trying to wear a ton of makeup to hide behind. I use ce
  6. acv gave me a HORRIBLE rash I rub green tea bags on my face 2-3 times a day, also drink 4-5 cups of green tea a day...unsweetened.
  7. yes, same thing here with diluter ACV, most horrible pain and itch I have ever had, dont use the ACV pills either, they can cause health problems... I used a small amount of steroid cream b/c i cant do oral steroids, already on a different kind for other health problems. I took flax supplements for about 3 days (drink lots of water) and drink 5 cups of unsweetened decaf green tea a day. I also rub a wet green tea bag on my face 2-3 times a day and let it sit for awhile, then rinse off. I had to
  8. The Almay smart shade broke me out. Since trying everyday minerals I tossed out every concealer and liquid makeup I owned.
  9. well the weeping rash is not going away its only in the areas that I put the neosporin, but it itches like crazy, not sure the ocm was a good idea tonight. I'm not sure what to do. More benadryl and I'm hoping it will dry up soon. I caught myself scratching the rash, its worse than poison ivy, no picking though- but man its a struggle. I almost bought some calamine lotion but was wondering if it would mess up my face.
  10. so starting today- caught myself scratching my rash, more benadryl, getting ready to go to sleep for a few hours I rinsed with plain water this morning, planning on going to the gym when I wake up. and I have a question. Should I do OCM only in the evenings or after I go to the gym? Is the acv mix enough to clean my face after I workout? I dont want to over do it, but I dont want to leave my face dirty from working out either. Also today I am getting ready of every topical/acne product in m
  11. I'll start off with the most imporant part of what has changed my life. I recieved Christ last year and I can never write or explain how much that has changed my life. One thing thats been the hardest to walk away from is my OCD. I've felt helpless for years struggling with OCD. Its crazy, at my worst I used to pull my hair out on top of picking. I stopped pulling my hair out, but one thing I have never gotten control of was picking. I would cut my nails, cover the mirrors and pat myself on th