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  1. Did they cause a severe dry mouth and lips?
  2. Is there anybody one Adapalene 0.1% Gel? I've been told by the skin Doc to apply once per day at night. Does it work etc? Thanks
  3. The skin Doc has put me on four tabs a day. i've to take 2 in morning and 2 at night. So I'm on 1000 mg per day! Is this not a bit much?
  4. So if I start it by this month, my acne by Januaray/Feb next year should be clear? Anybody know how long the drug takes to get out your system? So it does not show up on a urine sample for a medical. Thanks
  5. So how long will it take for the drug to work? Or this like asking how long is a bit of string, LOL.
  6. Well here in the UK, all NHS. I'm hoping it works by say Feburary, in order to pass an employment medical.
  7. I'm seeing the Derm in September with a view of going onto Roaccutane(spelling). My questions is it worth it, does it work? Cheers
  8. Thanks for that. My back has got a lot of scars, so another will not bother me.
  9. Anybody know if getting a tattoo on your back would cover up acne?
  10. I've got three fairly large spots, which are at the top of my spine. It is a nightmare to sleep as there sore on pressure being applied. Are these cysts? Do I burst them or leave them? Also what causes wide spread redness. My back has acne scarss and a lot of red marks. However the redness seems to have just spread across my back. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. Hi Thanks for that. I'm pretty newish around and forget about the search. I've been on them for 1 month. I'm see an bit of a change. However I need to git rid of a few pustucular acne .