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  1. Hey, I have not missed one single day of the regimen since April 11th and I am still clear!! My face has continued to clear up progressively. I haven't had one cystic acne in at least 2 months, I haven't had a big pus-filled pimple since I started! I recently joined the gym and I wear a little bit of Mary Kay minerals foundation (which I love!!) and I use a towel to pat dry my face. I think the combination of a not-too-clean towel (from touching the equipment) and the makeup has started giving m
  2. Hey foxy. Sounds like you have the same type of skin I do. You probably should run not walk to the garbage can and throw away the apricot scrub. OUCH! I am also looking for another way to exfoliate, but for now I am sticking to lightly smoothing a wash cloth over my face. Wet with warm water and cleanser on it. It seems less abrasive that way. And as for the skin polisher, it sounds highly suspect of being an irritant, big time. Also keep up the half a pump, once a day, or even less until you
  3. it was pretty bad. The same thing happened to me when I tried to cleanse my face with baking soda. The only thing different about it was that this time I went to the emergency room and the er doc gave me a Pepcid tablet , 20mg, a shot of steroids and a shot of benedryl (Histamine 2 blocker). It started working right away. He also gave me a script for a five day trial of steroids and Pepcid (Histamine 1 blocker). I was not about to endure that for three days again! My reaction was swollen eyelids
  4. PLEASE, please use moisturizer. DKR has helped tremendously with my oily skin, but if I didn't do the moisturizing step, my face would be dry and cracked. I also live in texas. The thing is to put more moisturizer on at night and just the normal amount in the morning. Hope everything works for you. :)
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am just amazed at the results of this regimen.
  6. I am 32 with adult acne that started around age 23. I have tried so many, many treatments and within 2 weeks was resigned to the fact that it either was not going to work for me or that it made it worse. I just had my last ditch effort just WEEKS ago of trying the Murad system. What a horrible mistake that was. After the 3rd day, I broke out horribly(worse than normal), my pores were the biggest they have ever been and my skin was rough like an orange peel. It took about 6 weeks for that to go
  7. Hey y'all. I am soon to start adding fish oils to my vitamin regimen. I was wondering if you guys think this Krill Oil is really superior to fish oil? Has anyone tried it? It makes sense... Here is the link: http://products.mercola.com/krill/
  8. 32---Started around age 23 This sucks!
  9. It definitely sounds like an allergic reaction. Is it extremely sensitive to the itchy, burny feeling? I just went through this with a reaction to baking soda. A bag of frozen peas wrapped in a kitchen towel was the only thing that made it bearable. Hope you get better sooner than later.