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  1. does anyone think that this stuff makes their hands smell?... after applying i rinse/wash my hands... but they smell weird still. i cant describe it.. anyone experience anything similar?.. with aczone
  2. Sounds gross but I've noticed tuis weird smell on my hands that won't really go away and the only thin I can think that it's from is the aczone.. This happen to anyone else?
  3. i live in alaska, dry. cold. i went to hawaii for like 3 weeksn and i was really worried... we also did alot of outdoor activies and whatnot. i did sweat alot. but i made sure to wear very little makeup, but whenever i could i would run to a sink and just rinse my face with water, just water. it really helped actually. that and the combo with the heat dried any active pimples i had, and took away any shine i had. id say.. just rinse your face as needed with warm temp water. ALSO there is this av
  4. i have been using retin a, on and off. i find it helps alot with evening my complexion and with black heads, not with inflamed pimples,. so my question, has anyone used retin a and aczone at the same time? and how did it work out? as it is my face is quite dry from the retin a right now, and im a ltitle scared to use the aczone?... anyone?
  5. yes yes i have a question, first of all yes your skin looks amazing! but might you know what the dosage was of the accutane you took? ive heard it comes in many different dosages, and can be suitable for many, as long as you use a dosage consistant with your skin type. how many times a day did you take it? and how long did the dr say you should continue to take it? thanks!...
  6. its kind of pricey for a drugstore brand, but i like it alot! it has surprisingly good coverage, and smells good, and DOESNT break me out at all. there is only 2 shades, i like the darker one. if i need i just apply a little Bare minerals to spots. try it out!
  7. so for about two weeks now, ive been washing (i vary my face washes) but i think what really has made a difference is... morning wash tone with hydrogen peroxide moisturize with alpha hydroxe soufle night wash tone with hydrogen peroxide treat with mama lotion i just have the little samples as of now, but i ordered nucelle mandelic acid 15% serum... i think that should work about the same, perhaps a little better. let me know what you guys think.
  8. has anyone been able to buy one of these things in a store... not online. if so where... and what did you pay? thanks guys
  9. i would definitely pop it when it gets a white head, and then once is done drainging put a sulfur topical on it. the sulfur will dry it out faster! ive had good experiences doing this.
  10. wow, you know your stuff, thanks for taking the time to reply me! i saw in your regime you take accutane for maintenence, did you at some point take it in a full dose.. or higher dose? i am 21, and have acne since i was oh.. 11 ish, and im wondering if that would be a good idea for me to look into(the low dose accutane).. do you have a thread already about your experience with that, or might you tell me a bit about it? thanks alot!
  11. ok ok, perhaps a 20% is too strong, i found a 5% on "cosmeticville" anyone have luck with that? or basically just anything above the normal 2%?
  12. hi lionqueen, i was curious, if you knew the difference between retin A and green cream. i have rentin a, and try to remember to stick to it, and green cream sounds appealing. i was just trying to figure out the difference, or if they are quite similar? i remember in your post you used to use retin a, but got tired of going to the derm, and now use GC. does the green cream have teh same effects as retin a? thanks!
  13. wynne, you seem to know your stuff, and ive asked this question before, with no real clear answer to me... but if you have a cyst or papule that never comes to head and you treat it, and it goes down or dies or whatever (in my case i can still feel a hard bump under my skin).. so my question is.. is there still infection just like lying.."dormant" under there. or what, somtimes i feel like id rather just not treat them and let them come to head so i dont have a bump under my skin forever...? wh
  14. yeah its meant to be used as a peel, left on only momentarily. theres also a glycolic acid one at 35%... sounds scary, but the reviews on there said they all worked well when used properly, yet it didnt say how they reallly used them, or if they had any acne lesions present or otherwise that they were trying to get rid of... i found this stuff when looking at mama lotion ingredients, and i know they arent the same obviosuly, but this stuff is much cheaper... any thoughts anyone?
  15. http://www.amazon.com/Salicylic-Acid-Peel-...d_bxgy_bt_img_b so if you look at this site, youll see alot of different acid products at high concentrations...have any of you guys used anything like this, and if you did what did you do, how did it work and such? please please let me know.