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  1. Have a look at this link: http ://www.sculptaclinic.co.uk/stem-cell-therapy. html (I added spaces after http and therapy.) There are pdf files for each case study. I got this link off an article already posted. They did a CO2 laser followed by a 'stem cell' spray, cultured from a biopsy from the patient. The man with the heavy acne scarring showed great improvement. I think a foresee a very expensive vacation to Scotland in my future...
  2. I saw Murray on Conan. They did close ups on him as he played some song on a guitar. His skin was pretty gnarly, worst I've seen him.
  3. What exactly is meant by "hairline blemish"?
  4. Has anyone seen this? I'm guessing this is still pending confirmed results. This looks pretty interesting. Maybe its old news, i dunno. Found it today. Ok link didnt work... Its at alizonne.co.uk/celltherapy alizonne is the company and the article is under celltherapy