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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to educate myself on this topic - treating acne scars - and I came across different methods of treating (dermapen + cocktail of vitamins/substances or dermapen + PRX T33), dermapen + mesotherapy (injecting cocktail of substances into the dermis). Maybe due to the fact I was raised on consuming natural stuff and less processed foods or always check labels for skin care products, I am actually wondering on the following Are there chemical substances that derma
  2. Thanks for the reply, getsmart121. So you would recommend TCA (peel or cross, I'd understand that doesn't matter if a peel or cross would make a difference). And I'd understand also that TCA transforms a boxcar in a rolling one by smoothing the edges. My goal would be to actually smooth the edges & lifting up - is there another invasive procedure that does that with good percentage of improvement?
  3. Hello guys, I have the following concern regarding acne scars's treatment. More specifically, from your experience and knowledge, can you treat boxcar scars with TCA cross? TCA spot peels or TCA cross lower percentage would do the trick for these type of scars? Please see below. Right cheek - more damaged than the right one: Left cheek: I can say by looking at my right cheek that there
  4. Many thanks for replying to the above! Yes, checked "PivotalAnime" and also I've tried COSRX patches and PURITO patches - they seem to work somehow. It seems that the wounds closed a little, but still cannot tell 100% as there is still redness. Regarding the benzoyl peroxide, what is interesting is that I got this persistent redness and itchiness after 3 months using it (back then I had no problem with BP). So, it's something that developed with time, after 3 months usage...:(
  5. This is a recent picture of my right check - that was so damaged for the first time this year. The fresh red mark and scar (you can see actualy a line) - it's the result of an esthetician that did an acne extraction and afterwards acne mask treatment. Never again.. I believe she didn't use the proper technique, as I can see this scar forming there.. Is there anything I can do in these first weeks/months to help heal that fresh scar..not to become a gap and recover nicely? If som
  6. Hi ! Many thanks for your advice and info! Really helpful! - the cheeks were impacted this year, so fresh indented scars and red marks indeed. (shallow/mild and medium depth scars, I'd say when I stretch ths skin - I still see the gap for some of them).. -acne is still here, yes, Benzoyl Perozide doesn't do the trick anymore for me - as I got an allergy and everytime I put it on, I got an itchy and redness as a reaction.. Any thoughts on this? - diet is helping yes! Sugar, alcoho
  7. Hello, I am looking for some advice, if anyone can look into the below pics and provide some feedback, it would be great Some acne scars on my face and I am looking for non-invasive and invasive methods to improve appearance or even get rid of them. I am using the following: - Mask gel (tret 0.025) - Niacinamide (10%) - Silicone gel - 2 days/week AHA (Geek&Gorgeuous Toner Glycolic + Lactic) My queries are the following, if someone has some experienc
  8. Hi everyone, Firstly, thank you for being here. WARRIORS, I am with you, we can do this!!! - I know the misery and the struggle..:( Secondly, I'd like to share with you my journey with acne. An ongoing battle that flares up whenever the skin wants. - Good to know that I've never had acne until I was 23 years old. Everyone and I mean even strangers asked me what do I do for such smooth, silky and clean face. I was telling the truth: nothing (I washed my face with water and somet