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  1. I'm pretty sure I had the rite amount. Just coming back from uni and moving I think I may have lost them somewhere which sucks but its only 9days though and I'll make the dosage up with my next prescription.
  2. fuck me, yeh think I'll do that, but only once I've turned my room upside down lol. If so I'll do 80mg a day for 2 weeks when I get my next prescription, to make up for it. James
  3. I'm on my 15th week of roaccutane at 60mg per day, things are just starting to go really well, but I've just realised that I am 9 days short of my prescription before I see my derm on week 19. I called up to try and get a repeat prescription but they said that they couldnt do it and I was told it wouldnt matter as it stays in your system for 2weeks, is this correct or should I take myself down to 40mg to make sure I cover every day, I'm getting pretty paranoid because I've taken it religiously f
  4. I'm currently on my 2nd course this is my 13th week of accutane, first 4weeks 40mg and then 60mg, weight 70kg. Seeing progress very few spots just marks left and some blackheads on nose and chest. My face is not really dry I dont moisturize, only corners of the mouth. I am tempted to use some Retin-A 0.01% in moderation and not everyday, to help regenerate my skin. I know its not advised, but I'd like to know if anyone else has used it with accutane or have been told not to and what are the reas
  5. Same with the nose, mouth and upper arms are dry and look like a cats scratched me but nothing painfull, face is healing quite slow which is annoying. HaroldEduardo81, do you have any marks left over hows it healing up?
  6. Hi, little about myself and my course. 20yr, Male 6ft3", 70kg and this is my second course of accutane/isotretonoin. My 1st course was in early 2006, from what I remember it went fast, dont remember alot I wasnt so self consious then I just got on with life as normal.I was very clear for 14months, some hyperpigmentation but they faded and blended in and just looked like light freckles. At the moment this is what my course has been: 1st month 40mg 2nd and 3rd month 60mg I started on the 30th
  7. I have to wait 6-8weeks to see a Dermotologist for 2nd course of Roaccutane, I admit its not that long but I want to get back on it as soon as I can. I've read a few things on the net that people have payed bout £150 to see a Private Dermatologist straight away who then prescribes Roaccutane then referes the patient back onto the NHS so that they don't have to pay for the prescription and blood tests that follow? Anyone else heard of this or even done this? )
  8. Some good news! Went back to the Dr yesterday and I have been refered to see a Dermotologist to go on a second course of Roaccutane. The waiting list is 6-8weeks, not that long but long enough! I've heard of people jumping the waiting list by paying for a one off private Dermo consultation and then being refered back onto the NHS for the rest of treatment? Anyone heard of this happening? I've been offered modeling work and I want my skin clear again asap
  9. F**k, by the looks of it its gona take months to a maybe over a year to get to that stage. I've got my first spot on my forehead 2day its spreading there now. I'm really depressed with everything at the moment. Are there any alternatives, what about the topical version? I'm on Tetralysal at the moment and its not helping!
  10. I'm really worried from my own research that I wont be put back on Roaccutane because I had an operation to repair my Pectus Excavatum (chest defect) about 3 weeks ago. Now I have bone that needs to grow and a scar thats healing. I need to see the GP but does anyone know if Roaccutane will affect this?
  11. Thanks for the advice, I cut down most of my dairy the past few months, but due to a broken bone I can't really cut it out at the moment, but the acne was the same before that! I will look into other ways of getting calcium but I can't rely on that alone! I believe Roaccutane is my only option!
  12. Hi this is my first post here. Firstly a little bit about me I'm 19years old, from the UK. I went on a course of Roaccutane about 2years ago. It cleared my skin up great, I had no side effects except the dry lips and it worked fast and I was comfortable whilst on it. But since september it is gradually started coming back, not as bad as before but noticeable, I eat healthy, I drink lots of water, I drink nettle tea, use natural soap, make Honey masks and take all the rite vitamins to try and h