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  1. Hey.. I don't post on here often and it's been a few months since I visited the site - mainly because I started Aczone and I have seen great results to the point where I've almost forgotten about my 25+ years of acne struggle! (I also take Spironolactone which has a lot to do with the improvement of my skin.) But since starting Aczone two months ago, I can say I haven't seen a single, tiny, random blemish. For me, Aczone has worked better than Differin, Benzaclin, Retin-a, or Finacea - all of
  2. I was on Yasmin and after about 4 months my skin improved to almost completely clear (a tiny blemish now and then). But I don't do well on BCPs - I am one of the few who experiences even heavier periods on them than off. So I stopped taking it and switched to Spiro and worked up to 100 mg per day. I was never on both at the same time but I have heard doing so is very common. The Spiro is working well - I've been on it about 6 months now and the result is about the same as being on Yasmin f
  3. It is sold in health food stores and some of the online vitamin stores (like Vitacost) sell it. Since my last post about this I have definitely seen an improvement in my cycles, but for all I know it could be a coincidence that I started taking the Vitex at about the time my cycles decided to get back in order.
  4. ^You might well have heard your derm correctly. My derm told me to "eat those bananas" while on Spiro. I already knew the advice should have been just the opposite because I had read up on it prior to asking her to prescribe it. But I didn't correct her because I didn't want to embarrass her and risk her not prescribing it! To her credit, it is off-label usage when taking it to clear up acne so this medication technically isn't something she's "supposed to" understand. As for perspiration I
  5. I know where you're coming from... I have trouble keeping my hands off my face but as I get older I'm realizing that I do create worse looking marks after picking and they seem to take a lot longer to go away than when I was younger. I have found that Mandelic acid not only made my face smoother but also a bit more sensitive so that if I am tempted to start touching anything, it's even more likely to leave a mark. But I see this as a good thing because my skin looks better and it has forced me
  6. For several months I was having the same issue on Spiro - a very light period every two weeks and probably not even ovulating. I recently started taking Vitex which is an herbal supplement generally known to promote healthy, regular cycles. I'm currently 21 days without a period and I'm assuming I'll make it to about day 28 before I get one again. I believe the Vitex might be the reason for the improvement because it's the only thing I've done differently.
  7. I was on Yasmin BCPs and was clear but I hated the side effects. When I stopped taking them the acne came right back. So three weeks later I went on Spiro. The IB wasn't THAT bad - but I guess it is different for everyone. It took about seven weeks on it for me to see consistent clearing - I think it would be worth a try in your situation.
  8. I'm in a similar situation to you and a lot of the people who replied... I have much lighter, symptomless, all-around easier periods while on Spiro but they have become irregular - sometimes only two weeks apart. I had been on Yasmin (BCP) and I hated the side-effects so I personally wouldn't consider using a BCP to correct the irregular bleeding. I'd rather deal with it - my skin has never looked better and I've waited a lifetime to be able to say that.
  9. I use Jason Aqua Moist balancing SPF 15 lotion. (I'm pretty sure I saw it listed in the best products summary in Don't Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without Me and that's what gave me the idea to buy it.) It's the only one I've tried that doesn't make my face shine and doesn't seem to be the cause of breakouts. I was worried at first when I saw how much thicker it is than the others I've tried but a little goes a long way and it's very comfortable on my skin.
  10. Hi there, Thanks for your reply. I have been trying for two days now to get my doctor to call me back. I stopped taking the Spiro, but still don't feel right – very lethargic, almost flu-like, but that's not quite it. Honestly, I have never felt this way before, it's not a feeling I can attribute to anything. And if it's dehydration, boy that's a lot of water I'll have to drink! I already feel like I'm peeing 24/7. This is very frustrating because if I knew these were short term side effec
  11. Hello - I usually only lurk here also... I have been on Spiro for over a month. I started at 25 mg twice daily and am now up to 50 mg twice daily. I also noticed side-effects after about two weeks into taking it, so I think your symptoms could be from the medication. What happened to you sounds like classic dehydration which can happen on Spiro because it's a diuretic. My symptoms weren't dehydration related though - I was feeling (and still do off and on) heart palpitations which as far as