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  1. I bought these maybelline ones at a store called "Odd Job" here in ny....they have all this discounted stuff....50 sheets for $2. I bought 3 packs....a pretty good darn deal.
  2. yeh....instead of healing red/brown marks....the vinegar gave me a red mark....quite noticable too. I'm never using it again. I have fair skin also.
  3. This is from my other post in another thread but.... My summer course is Philosophy and we talking about suicide in the sense of believing or not believing in reincarnation. If you do believe in reincarnation....even if you commit suicide, you will still live after the fact. And scientifically, we don't know if there is a life after death, BUT IF there is one, wouldn't it be horrible to live a BAD second, third, or fourth life? Just something to think about. Who knows truthfully if there
  4. that made me feel better. Society kills us with it's ads. Why can't acne be sexy?
  5. Yes, I too did hear that it clogs pores....but I don't plan on applying it everywhere. Just problem areas.
  6. I'm am going to start applying cocoa butter to my new red mark. Anyone ever try it? It's supposed to be good for stretch marks, scars and dark marks. I hope it works and I do not get a scar. Smells nice too.
  7. Just wanted you to know how it went....if you're interested that is... But yes, I had a great time!!! and nobody really said anything about my face and I got no weird stares which I was happy abut because it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. On top of that, the girl who I don't really like wasn't there b/c my bf's friend broke up with her! (which was another plus) My face is "healing," but it's going to take time. I will survive! Anyway, we had a BBq at y bf's. Hung around, ate, had a few be
  8. Ok, I think i'm stoping it. It's really making my skin wayyy worse. I tried it again yesterday and this morning, it looks like a bigger red mark and it looks really bad :[ I'm stopping it all together and just going to stick with facial wash.
  9. I'm on my second month of Ortho and I just switched from Alesse. By the looks of Ortho, I've been having more stomach cramps and nausea. BUT, I am going to wait for one or 2 more months to pass by b/c like betterdays said before, it takes awhile for it to be processed in the system and the full effect won't come until then. So, I'm waiting.
  10. I don't think milia is rare. I think a lot of people get it.
  11. Thanks everyone for all your replies. My face seems to be healing and I promise myself I won't touch it. Dammit, if I didn't go to summer school, I probably wouldn't have this anxiety stored in me. But yes, I will talk nicely with this girl b/c I'm not going to sink to her level and also because I like her b/f. He's a cool friend of my bf's. I tend to have more guy friends than girls. Girls are just so bitchy and evil sometimes. But I'm staying strong and hoping for my face to heal... As fo
  12. Sweetie, Sounds like your a picker...just like me. I think I'm going to get acrylic nails next week so I stop playing with my face. It's going to be weird b/c I'm not a girlie girl. Check out my thread "I need to vent." I have lovely makrs on my face for tomorrow also. Hang in there.