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  1. you could try a product with glycolic or mandelic acid in it.
  2. I didnt find it made me break out but my skin is a little sensitive and it did get irrated when i used it every day. I swithed to using it every other day and that seemed fine.
  3. I dont know if there is much you can do other then let them fade away on their own. i find red marks from picking are usually mostly gone after a nights sleep.
  4. I have never tried that particular product but I have found glycolic acid to be effective against some of my blackheads (though that was with a 10% concentration). I havent tried salicylic acid but I would think the two combined might be quite effective. and tanning would probably make your red marks less apparent yes.
  5. me again i ordered some and it came today. i'll try it and post about how it goes.
  6. You can get this product here : http://www.bravuralondon.co.uk/. It's a good site. I've ordered from them before. I havent tryed salicylic acid yet though but I am thinking of getting some to fight my blackheads.
  7. MaMa lotion. It contains mandelic acid. Has anybody tried it? Did it work on blackheads/blocked pores?
  8. I've been reading about Mandelic Acid on here and I'm interested to try it. Does anyone know any UK sites I can get products from?