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  1. if you call me believing in someone's decades of research and being optimistic a delusional bubble, then that's okay. Whatever helps you sleep at night. I still don't understand the point you're trying to prove, if you don't believe in scar less regeneration, why even bother reading this thread and replying negatively to everything, what exactly are you trying to achieve with this? You're interested in researching and discussing but all I see is pessimism and honestly it's very draining.
  2. Whats the point you're trying to prove here these past few days? You came here with this wave of negativity and keep criticizing everything. What are we supposed to do? What does the thread say? "Scarless Healing". That's all we are trying to talk about, discuss future prospects and what not. Everyone here realizes that verteporfin may or may not work. Do you expect us to stay depressed about our situation and not research into future prospect on what may or may not work? Longaker ha
  3. Maybe, maybe not. If you read the full article, initially they mention the groundbreaking results of the mice study, and then they follow up with the quote I mentioned above, and it says that the results have been similarly dramatic. Results have been similarly dramatic and dramatically reduced scarring are totally different things but we will never know unless we see the published paper of the pig results.
  4. https://www.docseducation.com/blog/new-research-opens-door-scar-free-cleft-lip-surgery "The Stanford team has moved forward by using the medication on pigs, which have skin more akin to humans, and the results have been similarly dramatic. Patents have been filed to use verteporfin specifically for reducing scar formation" "The results have been similarly dramatic"
  5. It doesn't work that way, the existing scar has to be excised first. Dealing with acne scars alone is enough, why are you bringing this wave of negativity with you?
  6. I don't know why it's so expensive. Visudin is the brand name of verteporfin I think, and in India it's available for around 1100$.
  7. Yes. I think it's about 1100$.
  8. The research of FAKI inhibition for scarless healing is older than verteporfin one.
  9. I don't think so. Wrinkles are mostly caused by fat loss in the deep hypodermis layer of the skin, the fat bags basically shrink once we age. What scarless regeneration would mean is regeneration of dermis, since epidermis regenerates itself. (It might regenerate hypodermis in causes of severe burns as well). But I'm not so sure about the fat pads regenerating under hypodermis. P.S - I could be very well wrong though, since I'm not in the medical field and all my knowledge of this sca
  10. Since the damaged tissue is going to be removed, it would make new wounds anyway so I think it shouldn't make a difference. It shouldn't matter if the skin removed was damaged or perfectly normal before, since the healing process will begin from square one.
  11. I'm assuming that the research paper would be out by October or November. If you see above some hairloss group actually had an update from Longaker himself, and he says they're just finishing up with the studies. Hoping for the best!
  12. Yep, just waiting for the pig research paper to be published with verteporfin.
  13. Honestly I'd be willing to try verteporfin but there's still some details that are not out, if it's better to use it as a gel or inject.
  14. What is FS2? and you tried verteporfin before you mean?