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  1. I 'm currently taking accutane 80mg daily and it's been 4 months. Does anyone have premenstrual acne even on accutane?? It happens to me and the condition is worst ( around 7 cystic acne ) What i can do?? Do you guys think i have to take contraceptive pills to control my hormone?? Is it matter if i take contraceptive with accutane?? Let me know thanks!!!
  2. I juz got my accutane and it is in tablet not in capsule form, is there anyone has tablet form before?? i juz would like to make sure they are the same
  3. i almost finish my 1 month supply of accutane and still waiting for another month of supply to be shipped to my place(probably 1 month later), do u think i can take antibiotic (doxycycline)while waiting for the accutane reach?? any thoughts??
  4. In your opinion, what is the best face moisturizer while on Accutane??
  5. same here, have taken accutane for half month but still breaking out badly. But i do notice that my face is not oily and greasy anymore. Hopefully we will get better soon. Good luck!!
  6. I have been on doxycycline for 1 month and seems like not working great, cystic acne still keep popping out ( better than before ) I decided to take accutane soon, so do you guys think i still should take antiobiotic with accutane? Will my skin become worst after stop taking doxycycline even i'm on accutane?? Let me know thanks!!
  7. today i went to dermatologist and he told me about the price of accutane and blood works that i gonna be following each month, around 600 USD per month OMGGG~!! and he asked me to make sure whether my insurance is covering accutane expenses before making decision Unluckily, my insurrance they not going to cover Accutane I'm desperately need accutane to cure my acne , but i cant even afford the expenses , what i can do????HELPPPP
  8. I desperately need accutane to help my acne after hearing a lot ppl talking about it . I juz went to dermatologist today and he told me that the price of accutane for 1 month supply is around 300-500 USD, is he kidding me???? Furthermore he told me that including the blood lab is will be around 600 USD, geezzz~is it true?? Has anyone tried the accutane before and how much you pay for 1 month?? Let me know thanks!!!