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  1. We sure do sound similar on that kusandiego! I LOVED this foundation and had been using it for a couple years at least. I'm very upset at having to change it and really blame the Clean and Clear SA for pushing me over the edge. Maybe there is an extra harsh version of SA in the clean and clear? Maybe it is a separate chemical that irritated the skin enough that the SA also became an irritant? I don't know - but as Chloe suggest, I will not use ANYthing with SA in it for a long long long while. I
  2. Thanks for the additional info everyone. (Chloe I still didn't get a PM to you ... I'm so slow.. maybe I'll just write it all here after all. Maybe it will benefit others even though it seems embarassing to me. Kusandiego, that is so interesting that you reacted that way too. It is almost as if the larger amounts of SA pushed my skin over the edge. Meaning, it was okay when it was a small amount in my cleanser and in my makeup, but when I added the 2% gel from Clean and Clear, my skin just sai
  3. Thanks so much, Chloe! I never expected to become sensitive to SA. It was in my cleanser that I loved, it was in my foundation. I think I pushed it over the edge when I started trying to add Clean and Clear's SA gel into my routine. I think that's why I was showing some redness even in the pictures I used to have posted in the gallery. It was just awful having a reaction and not knowing what was doing it. Then the doc misdiagnosed the reaction and gave me antiobiotics that I'm very allergic to.
  4. Sweetie, please call your doctor and tell him this. He can help. They are aware of how to help with all of this. Please call him right now.
  5. What did your old derm do wrong? What did the new derm tell you? As far as your old derm ruining your life... you may have spent 8 months feeling awful, but you have 70 more YEARS that you can choose to spend as you please. Life is never without hope. There are people who would miss you so terribly, lives you would affect more than you ever know, if you disappeared. Just like your new derm gave you hope that you didn't know existed, there is ALWAYS an answer somewhere just waiting to be uncovere
  6. If you mother is a doctor AND you find it is working so far, why not keep using it? If later you find it isn't working, then switch. I'm currently paying the price for not leaving alone what was working for me. I thought, this is working so great, if i add *this* and maybe even *this* it will be even better! Wrong. I'm now dealing with some sort of allergic response and am having a heck of a time tracking down which thing is the culprit. So, when something works, leave it alone. If it ain't brok
  7. Hello all, I had left the board a few weeks ago, but am back again. Problem: I am fighting to figure out an allergy and it isn't easy. I need to find a liquid makeup to replace my current one. I have LOVED my current one so much for years that I'm at a loss for anything else to try. I think I might have developed a sensitivity or allergy to salicylic acid (also known as beta hydroxy). I'm not sure ... but am in the process of elimination right now. My liquid make up has a tiny bit of it in it
  8. Good news for you.... Dan's Regimen might still work for you. 5 weeks isn't very long There are quite a few people here who took 8 weeks and I think a few took 12 weeks to see Dan's Regimen start working. Even if you reach 8 - 12 weeks and still don't feel Dan's regimen is 100% working, there are ways to change what you're doing. Some people add salicylic acid (SA) or glycolic acid (AHA/GA) or BOTH to the regimen makes it work better. (Mine uses SA and GA) But before you add those, see if
  9. Give us a chance to help you Everyone is different, and sometimes you need to change things only a little bit to make them work for you. Tell us how long have you been doing Dan's regimen? Which products are you using and how often? We'll all be glad to help you beat this thing. It can be done. I'm doing it and I'm 36 and didn't think I could either.... but I am! You can too. My regimen is different than Dan's and maybe with a little tweaking, you can get a regimen specially made to work
  10. I have NO idea if these are good or not, but there is: ThermaCool TC ClearLight Smoothbeam You can read about them briefly in this article: Article describing these procedures <click here Copy of article also shown below: ------------------------------------- New Acne Cures The latest news on three future treatments by Erin Verkler No More Clogged Pores Too much oil and sebum--the products of overactive oil glands--start the acne spiral by clogging pores. Later, bacteria move in t
  11. Some moisturizers are worse than others for making your skin shine. I'm using the Neutragena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin and it doesn't really make me notice much shine. But, you could always dust your face with a clear / translucent non-comedogenic loose face powder after the lotion dries. Powder isn't noticable at all if you apply it lightly (dust it on with a brush), but it sure does give the skin a nicer more matte finish. Just an idea.
  12. Aha! I'm starting to see a trend here. Those are the same active ingredients I use in topicals (I don't do the diet etc aspect), and the same active ingredients in that Doctor's regimen that has been on tv for clearing acne in 6 weeks. (I'm stopping the use of the benzoyl peroxide in my regimen, but that's just a side note) I think the three ingredients, SA, GA and BP together are really miraculous. I think after you kill off the acne, the SA and GA alone might be enough to keep it away complet
  13. No it shouldn't burn like crazy. Maybe you're using it too strong (full strength) or you've used it for too many days in a row. Back off of the strength and frequency until you stop having any pain. Tingle isn't painful, tingle is like a tickle. Additional note: I like the low dose of tea tree oil in my cleanser, but I gave up using straight or water-diluted tea tree oil when I experienced extreme skin redness and pain with breakouts. I think the strength of the product was the problem in my ca
  14. Teeth and tongue brushing are generally the solution. Recent Doctor's radio talk show confirmed that most bad breath is caused by bits of food (really tiny, you can't see them) that get stuck in your tongue. Gross? Yes, but it's an easy cure. Gently with your toothbrush every day brush your tongue. Try to go slow so you don't gag, but he's right. There are unusual cases of people having some sort of infection which causes the bad breath, but before you blame anything major, go for the tongue I