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  1. Not sure where to post this because im still getting weird acne, but the redness has been there since i stopped accutane. I know a lot of it is from scarring and the isolated redmarks, but its almost rashy like sometimes and only goes away when i get tan. any idea what this is and how to help? It also extends to my neck and chest, and is most apparent when waking up. pictures are not of the best quality, but show problem for the most part.
  2. I did actually start taking everything you mentioned last week, the problem is that the fiber made me really constipated even while drinking a lot of water, eventually this turned into bad diarrhea and i have been sick for almost a whole week now with some kind of stomache flu, so i had to discontinue until im better at least.
  3. thanks for the response, i know a lot of the spots are red marks, but as far as the active ones i guess you cant really tell from the pictures cause its pretty low quality but, they are just bright red, raised a little above the surface and stay there for weeks, and then leave a red mark. my skin is very sensitive and turns red from even touching it sometimes, i switched to cetaphil wash, and sometimes put bp on actives but im not really sure if it does anything besides temporarily making them l
  4. So i took accutane for 6 months in 2008 for very severe acne. worked very well was totally clear aside from a lot of scarring for 2 years. in 2010 acne slowly started coming back but was very minor, and during summer would totally clear up. This winter has really took a toll on my face and I am dealing with red splotchy spots and very weird pimples. i can deal with the scarring or acne individually but all together makes me feel hideous. any help would be appreciated thanks.
  5. my face looks a lot like yours and i never had acne all throughout high school besides the occasional zit then the summer after i graduated it slowly got worse an worse and by easter it was probably worse than yours im now on accutane into my third month and it is clearing up slowly but surely...do you have any acne on your back or chest?and also did you use proactive before cause im pretty sure thats what made my acne severe
  6. Just finished month 1 and went to the derm for my new prescription. Shes keeping me on 40mg a day along with the prednisone. My face has cleared up a lot but there are still a lot of redmarks and scarring which she said will improve. She actually told me that accutane is the best treatment for redmarks but they are not supposed to market it for that. Another thing she said was that months 2 and 3 are the typically the worst. Anyone passed these months that can tell me what to expect?
  7. Day-6 well my face isnt all that dry except the area around my lips and my nose and thats only right after i wash my face. My lips are usually always chapped anyways so i cant notice a big difference. I know that my face is real sensitive to sun though and wind it gets bright red when im in either. Today my face got very oily the most its probably ever been in my life which was weird. I also got a weird breakout of groups of whiteheads right by my nose and then a group right under my bottom lip
  8. Day-5 My face got very red and stayed like that the whole day and i was only in the sun for maybe 10 minutes. My scarring looks even more prominent now and im more freaked out by it then the actual acne. Do these shallow scars and ice picks fill in
  9. Day 4 Nothin much new goin on in the face,my lips arent abnormally chapped yet either is that weird? Im hoping i dont get one of these crazy initial breakouts that the derm warned me about, but when do they normally happen? Oh and the only good thing about not drinking on accutane is being a designated driver im makin loot right now.
  10. DAY 3 My face looks much better today but i can now see a lot of ice pick scars forming will these go away at all by the end of treatment? Overall my face is just really red and full of red marks. Yesterday i had a humongous whitehead on the corner of my lip and by the end of the day it just fell off which was pretty crazy. When do the blackheads usually start coming out i have a ton on my nose.
  11. After wo months of doxycycline/bloodwork/ipledge and my acne just staying the same...(i have severe cystic acne) i finally took my first pills of accutane today. My derm put me 40mgs a day and also 20mg of prednisone for the first month. I am keeping this log to keep from going insane basically and so that i can look back on things and hopefully laugh.I probably waited too long to go to a derm but i was almost certain that it would go away once the weather got better because i have never had mor
  12. those guys dont even have acne they are acne board crashers they prey on innocent emotional girls with acne..jeez havent you seen the show
  13. yea both actually cystic and inflamed whiteheads...i guess they are giving me some sort of steroid with the accutane my derm said it would help with the inflammation..anyone else used these at the same time? or know if they work at all