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    Singing, playing the piano, cooking, hiking, making my home a home, volunteering at our (mine and my husband's) church, working online jobs, loving animals, spending time with friends and family, riding on the back of our motorcycle, doing Karate, living, laughing, loving!
  1. Thanks for the help, everyone! I went to the doctor and he said he wanted to remove that part of my toenail, so I have another appointment to get it removed. He didn't think mine was a side effect but thanks for the info. Lesson to be learned: don't wait so long before taking care of your ingrown nails!
  2. Like Epsom salt water? Not yet, I didn't know! That might help. Thanks Siava.
  3. My toenails are curling in and growing into my skin. It hurts so much. I've been on Accutane for 4-5 months now and have a love/hate relationship with it. Has anyone else had this problem or do you think I should have my dermatologist look at my toes? They are turning green and have a lot of puss.
  4. Shucks. Thanks for the tip! Spared me a sunburn...
  5. This was, obviously, on my wedding day.
  6. I hope I don't sound silly, but I was just wondering... When you put on a 15 SPF moisturizer, then a 15 SPF makeup foundation, does that mean that you have on 30 SPF? I couldn't find any research on the topic, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I just noticed you left me a sweet comment. Thank you for what you said. :) Made my day.

  8. I was wearing makeup in this picture, believe it or not. This was on a good day.
  9. Thanks, Wynne! Wow, I learned more from that one post than my trip to the doctor's office. Thanks for helping explain things. So I guess I don't really need to see a chiropractor, then, if my back pain is caused by the infection do you think?
  10. I had this problem within the first wEEk of Accutane, and found that the liquid foundation didn't look good with the peely skin. It just... like you said, looks cracked and gross. I tried a few different things, and I now use Bare Minerals, without the mineral veil. The mineral veil is very drying, but basically but powdered foundation is really good for a lot of things-- cover up, evening out skin tone, etc. I got a starter pack for 60 dollars at Ulta, but you can get a trial pack with fr
  11. Along those same lines, what about the natural oils in our hair?
  12. You have many great things to say, from all of the posts I've read!

  13. Thanks Sarah, I have my fingers crossed. Hope things continue to well for you on your Tane journey.
  14. I agree. Call your dermatologist, and if he/she thinks it's serious enough sounding, maybe he will have you come in and then look at it. I don't get much sun, but I can imagine that happening when you're on Accutane. Rats.
  15. Even though dehydration is harmful enough, I'm glad it wasn't an infection. Phew! I hope your family is relieved. I bet you are.