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  1. gkc

    My Story

    Dear friends, I have not signed in for a couple of years. Let me remind you of my scar condition. I have just a few scars, one of them is an ice pick and two or three others are boxcar. I had microdermabrasion, blood transfer and IPL a few years ago. It worked, nobody was able to see my scars after these treatments but me they were invisible but still there. My doctor told me it was the level he sought to reach and he managed,- and we should stop. Thus we stopped. Actually I was happy, when
  2. I understand your point because I have very mild scarring as well and still want to improve it. You can look into non ablative laser treatments such as N lite, maybe smoothbeam. You can do regular peels at home. Peels improved my pores perfectly.
  3. thank you very much for your reply. Did you have any pigmentation problems? Since I have Fitzpatrick skin type III, I am afraid of hyperpigmentation.
  4. Hi everyone, Have you ever heard of this laser? Has any of you had this laser treatment? A doctor I met said it would improve my scars by 70% at least. I really wonder its results.
  5. gkc

    N-lite results

    thank you for your reply.
  6. I'm glad the plastic surgeon you met mentioned the autologous blood injections. Sometimes I feel people think I'm crazy when I suggest that something so simple could help them. Anyway, his price seems a little high considering the fact that your blood costs him nothing, but on the other hand I think he may be processing your blood and then using only its serum plasma component for the injections. That makes the procedure a bit more complex, but not by much. One basically needs a small/portab
  7. hi, what do you think of N lite laser. does it improve superficial scars? what improvement does it yield for deeper scars? my plastic surgeon recommended three sessions of N lite. does it improve superficial and deeper scars?
  8. hi, I've seen two doctors today. the first one offered fractional laser. the second one is a prominent, internationally renowened plastic surgeon. the plastic surgeon recommended 3 sessions of N-lite and autologous blood injection in to my three relatively deep scars. one of them is a shallow ice pick, the other two scars are shallow boxcar scars. he said the percentage of improvement depends. he said one of his patients had zero improvement, but another one had 70% improvement. He also added it
  9. no moisturizer will help you with this kind of scarring. I think you should look into laser treatments.
  10. I think it is moderate scarring and I do see improvement.
  11. gkc

    Deep scars

    you need to take your acne under control before any scar treatment. otherwise, you will continue to have further scarring. scar treatment is always the second step in acne related problems. very deep scars do not disappear with any kind of treatment, but there are ways to improve them. even 50% improvement is a huge improvement in case of severe scarring. do not give up. treat your acne first. then, go for the treatments for scarring. you may need a combination of different procedures and multip
  12. bug and BigAl 28- did co2 improve your scars? if it did, what percentage of improvement do you see? did it remove shallow scars?
  13. no, not yet. my derm is on holiday during august. he will be back in september.
  14. be careful while using apple cider vinegar on your face. I once diluted and used it on my entire face at night. when I got up in the morning, my face was red (beyond belief) and full of shallow scars. It took a few days for the redness and the scars to disappear. Fortunately, the scars caused by the vinegar disappeared. because vinegar is a kind of acid, it can burn your face, leave permanent scars or cause irritation.
  15. Do you mean Fraxel can totally remove scars that are 1.2mm in depth? I haven't had it done or searched for it properly. so I wonder it can eliminate mild scarring totally. (with mild scarring I mean scars that are 1mm in depth or more shallow)