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  1. Ok. So I'm gonna try this product. I have some acne scarring and red marks on on my cheeks. I just want to diminish the red marks. They make me look like I still have acne. But is it ok to try the one with ProVita-K Complex and Silica? Just wanted to ask. Could not find it at Walgreens so Amazon it is.
  2. Hey thanks! I was gonna ask about that. My face tends to get oily and I'm currently using oil absorbing sheets. I go through like 5 a day. LOL!
  3. I'm taking notes for sure. About to start DKR. Thanks. U give us all hope!!
  4. So, I'm new here! Hi!! I'm a 21 year old male. I just purchased the regimen yesterday. I'm ready to tackle my acne! I don't really break out that much anymore. Maybe about 3 times a week. It was really bad about a year ago. As a result I do have some scarring. *sadness* Also my skin (on face) is really rough. I was wondering if the regime helps with this. I bought it cuz I heard the great reviews and I don't really have a skin regimen at the moment. Also, I've purchased the aloe vera gel a