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    I cant remember the last time i didnt have spots!<br /><br />I think ive suffered from acne since i was about 9 =[ ive never been happy with myself because i feel so disgusting ive tried so much different things but nothing works!<br /><br />I wana be able to look in the mirror without gagging!

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  1. I have a boyfriend and hes absolutly amazing but i still feel lonely lots =/ Hes just got a job and im still trying to find 1 which is getting me down and i feel more and more reclusive The point im trying to make is that ppl still can feel lonely with crowds of ppl around,the only way ur guna stop that feeling is when u have something else in ur life and start to feel better about urself,than some1 will come along thats made 4 u I agree i think that u shud try get out there and meet ppl cu
  2. Its hard to avoid mirrors all together tho, maybe stand far back or summin??? I dunno,where i live on the wall of the macdonalds is these massive shiny mirrors that take up the whole walls and u cant help but look in it when u walk past but i have no full length mirrors so its quite scary!
  3. well ive been on this site 4 a bit and ive never seen that post b4 and obvs the others that posted to havent Neways thanks
  4. lol wierd how u still read the post ans felt like u had to comment!
  5. It does depend on lighting too i think but i do still say sum mirrors u look in make u look better than others
  6. sometimes i think i look ok when i look in my little compact mirror and then when i look in my bigger mirror i look dreadful! Does ne1 else have this problem???
  7. sometimes i think i look ok when i look in my little compact mirror and then when i look in my bigger mirror i look dreadful! Does ne1 else have this problem???
  8. Obviously some people do notice it but if this is really a deal breaker i dont think they r really worth it! Imean ive actually asked my boyfriend if my spots bother him and he says no because he looks past that I honestly think that when someone has an attractive personality they appear more attractive to u any way phiscally and the people that wudnt be with someone because of spots are definatly not worth it!
  9. I wudnt go out unless i had my make up on either! Try bicarbonate of soda mixed with water as like a paste on ur face and leave 4 a while till it dries,i dont no if thats the way ur meant to do that but i have been 4 about 3 weeks and its slowly working! I also use a rapid treatment cream from superdrug with sacylic acid in it and am on dianette and am getting a slow but definate improvement!
  10. I use to think i wud never get a boyfriend,all my friends had 1 and i didnt! But the thing is when u just learn to like urself then sum1 will come along when u least expect it, i no thats a cliche but its true! Also i dont hink ur ugly atall!Defo not Its jsut a thing u get stuck in ur head and the horrible things seem to stay with u more than the compliments =/ Sorry bout ur dad xx xx x x
  11. yes that is me in my profile picture,i wouldnt pretend I just dont like it =[
  12. Thank u everyone! i dont remember the last time ive looked in the mirror and liked what i saw =[ But thanku ur posts really do help
  13. ive tried cleaning my face every half hour so i was ready 4 a party but it didnt work out