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  1. Okay, that made me feel good, honestly thank you. Gotcha, thank you so much for the recommendations and advice! I sincerely appreciate it!
  2. I seriously thank you for your advice! When I complete my accutane treatment, I’ll definitely start with working on the color aspect first before jumping into the edges and subcision (with filler this time). Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone! So I’d really appreciate some advice on my acne scarring. I’ve had acne ever since 13, and been on some ointments and antibiotics, which never really worked. I also was uneducated on the side effects of acne, which caused massive scarring along my cheeks and other areas as seen in the pics. I’m currently on accutane (holy shit, thank god) and I just wanted to know if anyone is in the same boat and what works for people like me! I seriously hate having to show my face an