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  1. if i were you i would start cutting out the extra products, i think if you're still getting this many spots at 2 months there may be something irritating your skin. its always best to cut back to the complete basics and get clear then see what you can safely add in. if i were you I'd eliminate your use of jojoba, while its brilliant for some, it can also cause huge breakouts for others and if your skin is becoming this bad a month after you started using it, i could imagine that being the culpri
  2. thanks everyone, i may splash out on that shiseido one i think as im a little concerned about burning while having bp on my face, it is about 30 pounds though so maybe ill have a look at that simple one if im feeling poor! thanks everyone for your suggestions!
  3. ive just realised that for months my signature has been 'dans bp dans face wash' etc with NO apostrophe. i actually felt ashamed of myself when i saw. do you think we can still be friends?

  4. hey everyone, just wondering if you lovely helpful people could let me know what sunscreens you all use in the summer months? im just about to go on hol and im going to be needing some sunscreen, preferably spf30 or higher as i use bp and want to make sure im well protected! im going to use edm natrual reflections as well on top, so would like something that sits well under make up and obviously doesnt break people out! thanks in advance everyone
  5. hey, sorry to hear about what a rough time you're having at the moment, adult acne is such a cruel thing when all those around you seem to have outgrown these kinds of problems. anyway, im not too sure what to say about the accutane as ive never tried it myself, but i wanted to recommend everyday minerals to you as a make up to cover up your spots. if you search the cosmetics forum you can see how popular it is with members here, its got only 3 ingredients and all are natural and non comedogenic
  6. addie, start to finish ingredients on the pot are kaolin clay, mica and iron oxides and for the rice one, organic rice powder, mica and iron oxides. does that help or were you looking for more info?
  7. ive never had a problem ordering the starter kit to the uk with customs charges, but make sure not to add anything else on so you keep it under $36. i always chose the cheapest shipping (the 1-3 weeks one) and normally end up paying about 10 pounds for shipping and receive it in about a week and it lasts me about 2 months. hope this helps, im not sure about the specifics of ireland.
  8. i would say at least keep on with them, if there's nothing you can change them to that might be more effective. you never know just what they're actually managing to hold back, i thought at the start of this year that because i was getting spots, the bp i was using wasnt working, but when i stopped it got so much worse than i thought it could, so the same could be true for you, the finacea and topical may actually be helping, however little. maybe you should look into some of the more natural c
  9. were you using another product to help your acne before you began the dkr? because i think this explains why people sometimes think their acne becomes worse once using bp, its actually because whatever product they were using before was helping keep acne at bay, then when they stop their acne returns to its natural state, but they havent been using the bp long enough for it to help stop that acne yet. so instead of bp making your skin worse, this is just how your skin naturally is. if this isnt
  10. everyday minerals? they're cheap, good for your skin and have loads of different formulas/tints.
  11. well definitely try the jojoba because first off you need to stop how dry your skin is getting, a little flakey is normal on the regimen but after the first few months you should easily be able to wear make up. a few drops of jojoba should be enough to rehydrate your skin so hopefully it wont get so flakey but the way bp works is to peel skin to an extent so you will probably need to exfoliate on top of this as well. most people on the regimen use an aha to exfoliate as its very gentle and works
  12. good luck to you, your acne does look quite mild so hopefully it'll clear up soon!
  13. congratulations! good to hear of someone having success. at some point you may want to look into getting dans new aha as it does wonders for skin thats a little dull form bp usage. hope your success continues!
  14. ask them what happened to their manners... its so incredibly rude to make comments like that, hopefully when they grow up a little they'll realise and the comments will stop but in the mean time you really do have to just hold your head up high, if you can, and know that people like that arent worth the time. and remember there are thousands of people here who have been through the same thing with name calling and have got through it. good luck and try not to let it affects you.
  15. i would stop using the cleanser, as if you're on the regimen you need a gentle cleanser without medication. also i dont think your moisturiser is the most moisturising, so maybe get some jojoba to help it out.
  16. i really doubt theres much in the cleanser that could break you out, how long have you been on the regimen? it could just be that you're having an initial breakout from the harshness of all the bp on your skin, in which case stick with it and it will clear up. however if you've been on the regimen a while and the only thing you added was the moistriser its possible that's what's breaking you out, some people have reported that it does. maybe try the cetaphil or complex ones recommended?
  17. i think they're also a good way of easing yourself into a new topical regimen or birth control or something, they can help you to avoid any initial break out and clear up faster and then just maintain it with your new regimen when you go off the antibiotics.
  18. im from the uk and have successfully ordered everyday minerals a couple of times, ive always used the cheapest method of shipping (depending on your order normally about 4 pounds or so) and it normally comes within two weeks. if you have any more questions feel free to ask
  19. i agree with b4byfac3, just do whatever makes you feel better about yourself. i see no reason why in todays day and age we should be still stuck with sexist ideas of what women can do and what men cannot do. i think its completely unfair to say women are allowed to cover up their red marks and scars but for men its not 'manly', acne sucks just as much for you guys so if it makes your feel better put on a little cover up, no shame in that at all. just make sure you keep in natural and minimal
  20. i agree too, for acne prone skin edm seems to be one of the best choices. also you can get free samples of the foundation colours which i think is probably the most important thing for someone new to make up. try posting a pic on the edm website and the people there can recommend some colours for you to try, get yourself a good brush (either their kabuki or a flat top) and then depending on how your skin is (oily/dry etc) pick a formula. once you know your foundation you can then move onto the
  21. it works absolute wonders for some people, but of course once these people are clear they dont tend to stick around on acne message boards so you may not get too much of a response here. have a look at the success stories brandy gave you and also the reviews of dans bp gel in the treatment section, then you can decide for yourself. good luck!
  22. i think its important to exfoliate off that dead skin or otherwise its an extra layer of dead skin that the bp needs to get through to get into your pores. are you far enough in to be using an aha yet? as they can be brilliant for flakes. if not try cool as kim deals method for exfoliating with jojoba, i find this is brilliant for getting rid of flakes but very gentle and doesnt break me out as its very gentle
  23. i think you could try and bring it up in a way thats about yourself not him so then if he wants to open up and talk about it he can but doesnt have to feel embarrassed otherwise. maybe get to talking about high school and your past and you could tell him about when you had such problems with feelings about your skin and how it made you feel. then he can talk about it if he wants but its not so much of a 'so yeah you have cystic acne on your back' thing. i have to say as someone who suffers with
  24. i dont think either is technically a problem but the two together could be an issue. do you wear make up when you work out? if not i wouldnt worry about the sweat as it doesnt come from within your pores so wont mess with the bp. you could just gently splash your face with water after you work out to refresh yourself. if you are wearing make up and working out though that could be a problem. make up is such a hit and miss thing, i think mine (mac and clinique) was really exacerbating my acne an