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  1. Hello @Dan Thanks for coming back. I’ve booked an appointment for next week so I’ll keep you posted on what it said. Thanks for the advice on the £$€ I’ll keep an eye out for that! Regards, Ben
  2. Hello @Dan Not sure of you missed ny last post ^? Many thanks
  3. Hello Dan hope you’re well I thought I would come back to you on progress as my forehead is looking good now I’m struggling to get rid of the last bumps which sit just under the skin? Do you know what could be causing these or how I can get rid of them? Many thanks
  4. Hello Dan thanks for coming back. I will start again using the moisturiser but only by using small amounts as you mention above. When i say ‘worse’ I was finding that my skin would go uneven and bumpy mainly on my forehead. Maybe this was because I was using too much moisturiser than I needed. I will give it another go for a few weeks and let you know my progress. Many thanks, Ben
  5. Hello Dan I hope you’re well. I thought I’d drop you a message as I’m just about to start Week 7 of the regimen! Please see attached photograph from today of my skin. It has improved massively!! I do have one question. I find that if i use the moisturiser my skin gets worse and i break out. However if I don’t use the moisturiser at all my skin looks good. I am using the glycolic acid every other day now as instructed and benzol twice a day just no moisturiser. Have you got any feedback on t
  6. Hello Dan sorry I note your point about irritation on my forehead! I work in construction so I used to wear a helmet for long periods of the day. My role has changed so this duration has reduced now which will help. Also, do you think using saunas/steams/swimming pools is okay are going to the gym? Many thanks, Ben
  7. Hello Dan & forestx. I have just started on the regimen this weeK. Before that I tried various products but nothing seemed to work. I will keep you posted on the progress made over the next few weeks! Thanks
  8. Hello Dan thanks for coming back to me. I have ordered the regimen today so hopefully it comes quickly to the UK! Will let you know progress when I get started. Thanks again
  9. Can anybody help me identify what this is and how to get rid of it!? Been struggling with forehead acne like this all my life. I’m 31 now and really don’t know what else to do / try. Many thanks for those who come back!!
  10. I have the exact same problem! Hopefully someone comes back to you to help us both out! All the best