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  1. your really pretty!

  2. Sorry to hear there is so many people out there that have the same stupid redness problem! To me i just want to have normal skin like my Twin who almost has a perfect complexion....and an active lifestyle that i cant have. The worse thing being a twin.... People COMPARE even i Compare =_=!!! I was always the ugly twin, not because of my facial features, but becoz of my skin complexion. Sigh* But some how i got over that............ i Use to have even skin tone 18 months ago, and had b
  3. i found somewhere online that says drinking bitter melon juice can help clear parasites and intestines. im drinking around half a cup a day now.
  4. Just want to thanks you ABA Fairy!!! I was having trouble with consuming veggies n fruit, i just cant be bothered to cook the veggies myself. And my jaw got so tried after eating so much fruit. But now with the green smoothies... It SO SIMPLE!!
  5. I'm glad you posted this; I'm having a similar problem. I made the mistake of starting to use a B-Complex/Taurine (3000 mg) at the same time I decided to start using olive oil on my face. It's been two weeks and I'm now breaking out in areas where I haven't in months, (forehead, temples, jawline, sideburn area; I might add it's the worst breakout I've had in months). Oddly enough, areas where I normally DO break out (upper lip, chin area, inbetween eyebrows) are clearing up. It's like my acne m
  6. Just to let u guys know im having some positive progress from health diet. i started 4 weeks ago with totally healthy diet(Low GI, no Sugar, 70%fruit & veggie) and i also stop all the chemical products that i use to put on my skin. My skin use to be red on the cheek and have little bumps, which made my face look like its ful of pimples. Now most my bumps are gone and my skin has not felt so good for months. No more itchiness and dryness!! My cheeks are less red n less sensitive now.. but st
  7. i think it is the side effect of accutane. During and after accutane treatment, the skin may become extra sensitive and dry. After your couse of accutane, it could last months before ur skin is back to normal again.
  8. im having similar results here..!! Low GI & Low fat, lots of vegas and fruit, green smoothes 3 times a day... Diet Really Effect Acne Guys... !!
  9. F* these derm ... They got hundards of clients waiting on the list to c them .. they dont give a shit if they lose jst a few clients.. For me visiting derm didnt help my skin very much, in some cases the steriods they given me actually worsen my facial problem for 5 months... (these r the longest time of my life) The BEST long term way to clear up acne is by DIET!!!
  10. True True... Bob is So Right on this .. !! Thanks for Sharing Bob... !
  11. I too had tried olive oil as a moistuer.. Its is GREAT for the 1st week ..Skin softer & smoother. But then i started to break out really badd..after the 1st week ... high chance due to olive oil, then i stop using it. Or should i just use it as a mask, and wash it off before my pores got clogged? I got pretty dry skin too...
  12. Sorry to Hear so many people r having this Flushing Problem ~__~!! Just want to ask do u all have really dry skin?? coz dry skin can make redness worse and skin can not actually recover itself if its too dry. All this had to do with PH level alot. I read an article few days bak.. it said "If you have a health problem, most likely you are acidic. Research shows that unless the body's pH level is slightly alkaline, the body cannot heal itself." what im trying to do now is to keep applying m
  13. Tuna has a little more protein than salmon, but salmon has omega3 and tuna dont. Over all Salmon is more health.
  14. i had tried both, cetaphil Lotion great for summer, cetaphil cream PerFect for winter!! im sure the lotion doesnt clog my pores, but not so sure about the cetaphil cream... But over all they are Perfect for Dry skin!!