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  1. I have been seriously thinking about accutane and doing some reading about it. I just want some questions answered before i go spend the money on a derm. I have read that it can cause some muscle and joint pain. This probably is not that big a deal to most people but I spend a good 10 hours a week in the gym. I just want to know if it does cause pain will going to the gym make it worse? and if so can and will the derm perscribe any type of painkillers or whatever? or will the derm just make you
  2. I do mention in my post that large amounts of vitamin A is dangerous. Not sure how 3 people seemed to over read it. I also did say that some people have probably thought of this also. I was just simple putting it out there for people who may not have a diet which consists of a sufficient amount of vitamin A. I realize that my post seem to say load up on vitamin A. I was trying to point out the importance of vitamin A to people who may not be getting enough of it, because for me I was eating on
  3. Hello, just to let everyone know I am a freshman in college and I am studying to become a PA (Physician Assistant). In my BIO class we just finished going over the skin. During this we learned a little bit about acne, and since I suffer from moderate acne this peeked my interest. Here is basically what I took away from the lecture. Like I said i'm not and expert yet, but this is just a little bit of what I have learned. Acne is Inflammation of Sebaceous glands (produces sebum which is the oil o
  4. I have started this new regime that I have been on for almost 2 weeks now and so far its looking promising. when I wash my face I feel no bumps other than one big one that is almost gone. If you guys want to give it a try here it is. I try not to use any productions with "chemicals" in it. Going for more of a natural cure I guess except for the vitamins. I dont know if those are natural. Morning: 1. rinse hot water over my face for about 1-2 min 2. Exfoliate with epsome salts. (pour into palm
  5. Why in the name of god would you put urine on your face!? My face would have to have every surface covered with acne for me to even think about this and I said think I dont think I would ever do that.
  6. im not just starving my self it is a different kind of fast i guess you could say. more like a temporary diet change? my mom gves me this laxative tea at night (not sure what kind ill find out) . in the morning i have to drink 4 cups of water with 4 tsp of celtic sea salt in it. and through out the day I can drink as much water as I want. I also get to drink this weird lemonade stuff with peper in it. not sure what it is ill find that out also. its supposed to give you the nutrients you need
  7. My mom has been going on these "fasts" every month or so. it is supposed to clean out your insides very well. I have decided on trying this method to maybe find some relief for my acne. If it works i will let you know and I will provide the things needed for the fast. wish me luck!
  8. I need a good product to stop my face from being so oily. this is my regime that I have been doing for about a month and at first my skin was not as oily and now it seems to be back to normal. Morning: wash face with warm water and basis sensitive skin bar 2500 mg of vitamin b5 1 B-complex vitamin 50 mg zinc Night: wash face with warm water and basis sensitive skin bar apply a mix of ACV, water, and organic lemon juice for toner 2500 mg of vitamin b5 50 mg zinc Like I said at first my skin
  9. I have been on my current regime for about a month now and my face was looking great! in just this past week I have broken out mainly on the right side of my face. I have been keeping uup with my regime. I think I have a few ideas as to what caused the break out I just need some help finding the true reason. My two idea are these 1. In the past week i have eaten 1 snickers bar a day. at work i get hungry and I love snickers. I dont eat a snickers bar a day normally so maybe this is the reas
  10. I'll take this farther back than the 70's. Ever notice that there is no mention of acne back in ancient roman times or any other period? I have read that in modern day secluded tribes there is literary no cases of acne. Keep in mind these people still live off the land and don't even use electricity. So yes acne does have a link with somthing we do today we just don't know exactly what yet. Who knows your t.v. or computer monitor could be emmiting somthing our skin does not like, or it could
  11. I have been taking vitamin b5 for 3 days now and I have also been taking 1 B complex vitamin daily. I have noticed that my urine is a very bright and vibrant yellow almost green color. I was just wondering what this is and if it is healthy.
  12. I have heard that acne is hereditary. Which in my family it seems like it. Both my mother and father had acne. My question starts with this. Why did my brother only suffer from acne for about a year and a half and I still suffer for four years now? My brother is 2 years older than me (hes 19 im 17) we both started getting acne our freshman year of high school. So by the time it hit me my brother was clearing up. I am just wondering why I still have it and I cant seem to get rid of it. I know
  13. yes that makes sense I think ill stay away from mederma thanks for the info.
  14. I have read the reviews on this site for mederma and it seems to work for a good amount of people I figured it was worth trying. If Mederma works, then only for hypertropic scars and not for the atropic acne scars. I also doubt groundbreaking results for the first ones I mentioned. Haven't you realized that the reviews of the products especially on the vendor homepages are mostly very good. They remove the bad ones and write often fake praising reviews. The pictures are mostly either from
  15. I have read the reviews on this site for mederma and it seems to work for a good amount of people I figured it was worth trying.