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  1. i could seriously use some help on this...ugh the spots seem to be getting worse instead of fading slowly...
  2. even with the sunscreen?...
  3. What can I do to get rid of dark spots left over from cystic acne? The skin feels very smooth and normal now, but the dark spots refuse to diminish. I'm on retin A and minocyclin....when can I expect this crap to go away? T_T is there anything else i can do? i'm putting on moisturizer and sunscreen and blah blah...but i'm really tempted to go out and sunburn so i can peel off the skin myself but obviously that's not a smart idea....lol
  4. http://www.myzeno.com/index.htm Has anyone heard of this? Tried this? etc?
  5. ...you seriously should have asked him how the hell he did it
  6. I guess it differs in places...I've noticed people with skinny faces have no acne or scars compared to people with more round faces here.
  7. How long do they take to go away? I haven't touched this one cyst for about 4 months and it's STILL there and STILL red as ever. Oh, maybe a slightly darker hint? -__- I'm on doxycycline (WOW doctor/derm want me to see a psychiatrist before taking accutane because they think I'm depressed...well no shit? the acne? so it'll be a while...god damn @[email protected]) 5% BP, .1% retina and it downright is not working. I just got another few lovely cysst somewhere in the warzone of my right cheek, and I can't belie
  8. Seriously...mainly because I'm absolutely sick of "initial breakouts" that won't go away. -__-
  9. gam

    Oily Skin

    I meant in relation to acne.
  10. gam

    Oily Skin

    Is oily skin generally a good or bad thing? I've had some cysts where, after sleeping in for too long I wake up and my skin is incredibly oily, but those cysts seemed to be replaced by white heads (sometimes I'm not too sure because I have so much -_-) which harden in like 2-3 days and fall off the next day in the shower. I've always thought having oily skin was screwing me over but what benefits does it have, if any?
  11. Do you think you could post before and after pics...if you have any? At least after pics? I'm seriously interested in this treatment right now...
  12. This has to be the funniest thread I've read in a long time
  13. Well, it started around November or December of 06 when I started breaking out with..mild/moderate acne. Before that, I always had one or two pimples at the most just stubbornly refusing to go away. But at that time I knew little to nothing about acne, so I never took any precautions. The only thing I used was regular soap and some neutrogena product, which I thought helped a lot. I didn't break out much at all...and I finally cleared up completely the summer of 06. Then winter came along and I