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    programming (VB, php, html/css), though my skills are debatable<br />Linux (debian is my fav distro, XFCE is a nice DE)<br />Metal/Post-Metal music (isis, jesu, finntroll, vanessa-van-basten)<br />Gaming (FPS and RTS games)<br />walks in the park, woods, fields, going to beach with friends<br /><br />I used to hate anime, but after watching Cowboy Beebop and some Studio Ghibli films, I've opened my mind and quite like it now (Laputa: Castle in the Sky is AWESOME)<br /><br />I fucking HATE clubs, teen comedies, loud dance music, and pretentious pricks who use Apple Macs thinking they're sophisticated yet them having no idea even what CPU their machine uses. <br />I also hate how I can't talk to people I'm attracted to without turning into a lifeless, idiotic shell.
  1. You can come round my house if you like Just tell your father I'm a female friend not all guys have a one track mind you know...
  2. I took about 30mg of Diazepam a day for about 2 months and I stopped suddenly, I was fine, no withdrawals, didn't even build up much of a tolerance to the drug. Clonazepam is a lot stronger than Diazepam however so I wouldn't go caning it every day. Usually they only prescribe it short term until an AD gets into your system anyway. (in the UK at least) and if you're worried at the end of the month, you can always ask your doctor for a taper dose.
  3. yeah, I doubt they'll care that much about your skin - it's not like you're applying for a job in a beauty salon or anything. If you know what you're talking about, you'll be fine. I was shaking and stuttering during my IT tech interview, and out of 12 people, they hired me. (which I can still scarecly believe) so good luck!
  4. don't worry about it dude, I know a guy who flunked out of a BTEC college course and now he's making £30,000k plus, whereas I have a HND and I've only just got a £15,000 year job (but it's one I'm happy with) I live in South Wales too (Barry) and I can't say I've noticed this girl/looks correlation - I see very good looking girls going out with trollish/balding/overweight etc guys all the time, it's just that these guys are funny and don't self obsess about themselves. (south wales has never
  5. I'm from the UK and I told my GP who referred me to a psychiatrist, and it was free, so it should be free in the UK (it is in Wales at least) I have different issues than you though (severe depression for no reason but it lasts only 2 weeks then goes away, then I'm fine) I was also taking "black market" Codeine and Diazepam (at first to deal with it, but then just for fun) which tbh is the only reason he referred me to a psych. If you tell him your problem he might just prescribe a course of S
  6. I recently found out a mate of mine had been acting very low as of the last few months because he thought he was going bald. He'd been visiting a site much like this one, only it's for Male Baldness - http://www.hairlosshelp.com/forums/index.cfm?nocookies=yes It's full of posts "My life is over - I lost another 500 hairs today", which many on this board might find rediculous, yet some people spend their entire waking moments thinking about their hair, just like others do with acne. I had neve
  7. me: at the bar being ignored girl: comes upto me girl: "you have big eyes" girl: turns around and walks away me: me: finally gets served girl: I like your t-shirt me: thanks, my mother bought it for me *doh*
  8. that sucks, man, maybe she was just joking around. Maybe you should go upto her and tell her that you're feeling a bit down about your looks and that you're happy to have her(probably best not to mention spying on her though), and it might make her feel a bit sorry and that you are trying (and just haven't "let yourself go") if I;d joked about a girlfriend of mine who got fat/acne or something and she came upto me and said she felt bad, I would feel really awful inside.
  9. Heaven is a place on earth? Are flights cheap? *taxi*... Wake up and smell the ashes, there is no God, no Heaven, no Way, we are all here because a microbe became a plant, then a mouse, then a man, and so on. We all have what we have because of a random order of chemicals/genetic code inside of our brains. We will do the pointless things we do, we will affect our immediate surroundings, we will die, the universe will go on (and then the universe will die too.. in one form or another) So
  10. 22 next month, never had a girlfriend that lasted over 2 weeks I know at least 3 people who are in the same boat (we all went to a dickensian male-only school) I tensed up around girls, especially when they flirted with me this must lead them to think either "he doesn't like me" or "he's a boring fucking sod" (the latter is closer to the truth) I got more female friends and now I find it easier to talk to girls I like (i.e. I can now open my mouth and say more than my name) maybe try just spea
  11. well, it don't get better for me. tried chewing a 40mg+ oxycodone? that'll make you feel better than any SSRI... Tricyclic... whatever... I wish they'd just prescribe that instead. I might ask next time "can I just have the 30mg codeines? please? I'll leave you all alone if you post a box through my door every week" (watch the paracetamol people ) I'd rather live my life smackerooned and happy than sober and miserable as fuck, and no, it's not the same as an alcohol drunk, you do not lose c
  12. If you're in the UK you should have filed self-certification sick pay, which lasts from upto a week, and you don't need your GP to sign it. (just put down flu) That will avoid you getting sacked. Do this too many times though and they will ask questions. I had a job interview at a school as an ICT tech, and there was 1 other candidate. I had a 1 or 2 spots and this guy was covered - severe pustules, the lot. I had a HND, he had a Degree. He got the job. They will only care if you have acne if
  13. I've been into Fear Factory, In Flames and Strapping Young Lad's early stuff, I like Deftones too, I still like Devin Townsend's "Synchestra".. that album has some songs that I can listen to on a warm day I also found a "slightly jesu-esque" type band called Vanessa-van-basten I really like, but I can't seem to find more of their stuff http://www.last.fm/music/Vanessa+Van+Basten/_/Dole never seen any of em live tho :( seems Jesu don't tour much in South Wales even though they're from wales
  14. one for any bikers out there... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVTv3QRe9GI Some chavs decide to get on a child's roundabout, and put the rear wheel of a scooter on it, then rev the engine. Never fails to make me laugh... I hope they didn't get hurt