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  1. im 40 been on 40mg accutane almost 5 months and I LOVE it Beth
  2. nope not ugly at all-u r quite cute/handsome beth
  3. I have been on accutane 40mg a day for almost 5 months now. My skin was actually clear when I started(I had cystic acne around my period). Since I have been on accutane I have never had another cyst or even bump of any kind on my face. My skin is completely clear and glowing. I dont even wear foundation(being 40 that is huge) and get compliments on how pretty my skin is all the time. The only side effect I have had is dry lips and aquaphor keeps that under control. good luck!!! keep us pos
  4. Im a nurse and I give depo medrol and decadron alot --could be one of those beth
  5. Tony did the derm even suggest accutane I had super mild acne and im on it beth
  6. Can you put aquaphor on your face for dry skin? Or will it totally clog pores? beth
  7. I say go for it ! The side effects are not that bad. (dry lips) thats all I have had good luck
  8. Would you tell me about the salt water and also the egg white mask? What is it supposed to do for your skin? How do you do both?
  9. I have worked for a MD for 5 years. He has never RX'd accutane but other anitbotics for acne and we refer to derm docs--
  10. i wouldn't recommend the Jessica Simpson extensions-- they are very poor quality. my friend had some and she took very good care of them but after a few wears the ends got very matted together and looked very bad