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  1. friends, micro coring is a new device !!! and it is very different from a laser. even the vice president of cytrellis told me about it. When I asked them if it helps with acne scar , they said that maybe time will tell. so don't speak without knowing.
  2. one thing is very interesting to me.if you don’t believe in anything, what are you doing here
  3. thanks doctor. we didn't know about this before
  4. Why very expensive?I could not find us this medicine in the country.I just found visudin.not verteporfin
  5. here's why I didn't see the word verteporfin.if it's verteporfin
  6. I want to try it on myself, but I'm scared of it
  7. Guoming Song answered me. he said the sunogel had been postponed due to the pandemic. but he hopes that everything will be fine soon
  8. When will verteporfin be tested in children? It is written on the Internet that it will be until the end of 2021. I wonder how children's lips are treated with this drug? Or do they apply this drug to children lips after surgery? I wrote to him today. well, he hasn’t answered yet
  9. if you don’t believe it, why are you still here?
  10. Meet Ellacor, The New, Scar-Free Treatment That Improves Wrinkles And Loose Skin.Neera Nathan, MD Contributor ForbesWomen I’m a dermatologist who writes about skin care and women’s health. Ellacor™ was recently cleared by the FDA to treat[+] GETTY Think that going under the knife is the only way to treat loose, aging skin? Think again. Here’s how ellacor™, the new FDA-cleared system, creates small holes in the skin to tighten an
  11. does anyone know about elastagen? Did anyone talk to Mr. tony weiss?
  12. where did you read that they applied to fda?
  13. you don’t replace the current evolution with development 20 years ago.Many things will depend on a person’s intention.