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  1. Hi there. I take my roaccutane just after breakfast each morning, that way i don't forget if i'm out all day. Moisturiser - I use olay from boots or superdrug. It's got SPF 15 in it so it's good to use every morning so the sun doesn't turn your face too red. It's about £3/4 depending if it's on offer. It also rubs in well and doesn't leave to lore shiney than you were already I thought you probably shouldn't drink alcohol at all...i havn't and i'm 3 months in so i'll have a great night ou
  2. Hope everything goes well with you, I'm also 24 with mild/mod acne and im nearly at end of month 3. I think they said i'd be on it for 5 months so i'm over half way. Anywhooo good luck!
  3. Hi, I'm on Dianette and Accutane. I started the Dianette about 3 months before I started accutane but only went on it as it was a condition of being allowed Accutane. I would not be on the pill if I didn't have too because Dianette has cleared my skin in the past but as soon as I stop it my spots come back even worse. Every other pill I have taken has given me migranes and made my acne worse... my advice would be to not go onto the pill if you don't have to... but side effects from the pill di
  4. Grr they couldn't find any blood. So i'll be going back tomorrow for a second try. Ouch! I am on day 23 today..
  5. Boozle - Yes, I'm still on Dianette throughout my course of Accutane. It was a condition that I must be on a birth control pill and that is the only one that doesn't give me migranes. It also really makes my skin better until I stop and then it gets worse than ever, but the dermatologist assured me that Accutane is far stronger, so when I stop Dianette the Accutane should stop my acne coming back. I don't think you can take anti-biotics at the same time as accutane. Probably best not too and ju
  6. Gutted! My Prescription doesn't have any silly pictures at all! It is just plain and oh so boring! I'm on day 11, bored already of my red chin which is itchy too grrrr!! Does your face still hurt? Or is it just drying up now?
  7. Thanks for your reply Tinnie We are going through it all at the same time!! Day 5 I have been using my aqueous cream all over my body every night before bed and every morning. I have also been putting eye drops in twice a day and have been taking Vitamin E and Fish Oil once a day. Also, Vitamin D + Calcium every other day. Oh, and also my lip balm every day. All I've noticed which started yesterday is a red and slightly itchy chin and round my nose. This part of my face has been slightly red
  8. You can buy special shampoo to use after swimming. Either from a shop or from a hair salon. I usually use my normal shampoo and then my special shampoo and then my normal conditioner.
  9. Day 1 So this is the start of my (Ro)accutane journey, and here's to a spot free 2009! (fingers tightly crossed!) Having tried every antibiotic for years now and to no availe. I'm currently on the birth control pill Dianette (which when I have taken and stopped in the past has caused my spots to get worse - but it is the only pill which doesn't give me migranes and since I have to be on a pill, this had to be the one). I had my supplies all ready and waiting yesterday: Blistex Med Plus (for
  10. I use Jane Iredale. I use the finishing powder as my foundation and I use the concealer for red marks on my red skin. It was really expensive but the concealer is brilliant. I only use the powder when I go out as I do think it irritates my skin slightly but this may be because I never wear foundation. But it does really make my skin look more even and not so red and patchy where my acne has died down but left red marks. Hope the stuff you've got works well I think I should have gone for the li
  11. I use Baby Oil, really cheap and works brilliantly on all makeup
  12. Just bumping this up to see if anyone wants to share their fav under eye concealer. the dark circles under my eyes are driving me mad!! Tried looking up Laprairie but nothing came up.
  13. Hi there, I'm a cup user, tho not the Diva brand. The DivaCup is one of the longest cups on the market so if you have a short canal you probably want to try a different one. Here are some helpful links to learn more: Measurements and pics: http://afriska-engl.de.tl/Different-brands-and-sizes.htm In depth reviews/comparisons of most cups: http://menstrualcups.wordpress.com/category/comparisons/ And the LiveJournal menstrual cup community is really helpful: http://community.livejourn
  14. I have never used bare minerals but sometimes use a different make of mineral foundation. However, when my skin has been dry at all (especially round my nose) then the powder makes this more obvious. If your skin is really dry I think you are best to just moisturise. On my red marks I sometimes use a concealer. The one I use is by Jane Iredale and is liquid mineral in a little white tube. It is really good and can be used with or without foundation on top. Perhaps something like this would be
  15. I'm interested in getting a cup! But how do you put them in? Also, does it affect it when you go to the toilet?