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  1. Has anyone tried milk thistle? I guess so A week ago I started taking milk thistle in infusion, on the first day I felt a slight pain in my liver, I still take 3 infusions a day and I have small liver pains, like very slight stitches. For those who have taken it, does this discomfort mean something? What do you think? Speaking of persistent acne, I think I have found a cause/drive for my acne; milk, recently I tried a lot of yogurt and I had huge cystic lumps, when I stopped drin
  2. sorry for my english, thanks for the suggestion Years ago I tried kefir without success, right now I find myself consuming probiotics and zinc, I have started doing strength exercises to increase muscle mass and that keeps my mind focused on other things and relieve stress [the one I used to get rid of by pulling something else xD] A curious fact is that this year I entered a job where they only give crap like sweets, flour, sausages and meats, lately my acne got too bad until I contro
  3. More than a year ago I joined this forum trying to find answers about the problems left by accutane, this made me reflect on whether vanity is more than the health of my body, I was able to stop accutane before further degrading my body and thanks to That was able to heal me, now I live without any pain hoping that many of you can recover your healthy life, for my part I did nothing, I was able to eat healthier but it did nothing for me and only my body was in charge of healing itself without hi
  4. still eating healthy things, the only thing I haven't given up is chicken and beef, I find it great although I don't eat its leather or fat, only cuts of excellence. my friends for now are vegetables and fruits, leave (for now) milk, candies, sugar, sodas, wheat, peanuts, sparkling water, all kinds of processed foods such as butter, chocolate, potato chips, cereals, white rice, pasta, sausages in general , cheeses, yogurt, desserts, ice cream, normal oil, etc. I will try these foods first
  5. According to your experiences, oatmeal is good? After accutane I underwent an endoscopy and I had h pylori, I really came with pain years before accutane, I did a 14-day treatment taking omeprazole, clarithromycin and amoxicillin, then my pain that had been 7 years stopped, clearly they were intermittent but unbearable pain , that is to say, it was a pain of a week every 3 months that I had been carrying for 7 years thanks to the h. pylori.
  6. the fruits and vegetables were a great help in my recovery, the kefir helped little, I forgot to mention that the hip pain went away at about 8 months, it was actually a gradual improvement of this pain, accutane did nothing for me, it left me with the same acne and the same oily skin, maybe where I took it for a few days. How true it is that some who take vitamin A post accutane suffer from pain, for my part I consume a lot of vitamin A and I don't feel anything, I know it sounds stupid bu
  7. for a while I stopped consuming all kinds of sugar, on the third day I felt horrible and I had a great desire to consume it, as time went by I could see how my acne disappeared faster than usual and how my skin produced the same amount of sebum, I don't know if having sebum is equivalent to having acne, I know people with sebum but without acne and people with dry skin and acne, I will try to leave the bad food and use creams such as wax or sunscreens for oily skin on the other hand, I thi
  8. Thanks, fortunately it took a few days that drug to realize that it was a potential drug layers to destroy the body. well, I'm just looking for ways to reduce the sebum I've always had on my face so I'll start with the natural and a lot of discipline.
  9. Any advice on how to reduce oily skin? any diet that helps my body not to generate so much fat? God, I really don't know where my glands get so much oily. regards
  10. still dealing with this drug? I have forgotten this forum and the bad times that this medication made me go through, I have never been in better health and passed the stage of uncertainty of this drug, I really still have acne and I love myself as I am, despite of that the oily skin fucks me every time. Does anyone know how to get rid of oily skin? It really bothers me to be dealing with wet skin all day, that is, when I pass my face with some glass or my hands it gets totally wet and it's a b
  11. I was already forgetting about this website, here is what I have done to feel good about my last symptom that in a certain way is nothing and is almost disappeared, I think the only person responsible for improving is the body. My diet: Nothing, just I eat the same food; fruit, junk food, sweets, vegetables, sodas, everything is the same and I get better with time more and more, I think this is my last message on this website since I do not want to remember the bad times, this does not mean th
  12. I am pleased to report that I no longer have bone pain, after 7 months of taking accutane, the pain that was mild and I think it was due to accutane, already disappeared about a month and a half ago. Current bowel problems: highs and lows. Diet: none, I still eating everything. Greetings
  13. That sounds great, I could say in advance that maybe the bacteria are spoiled, I know that in theory and experience, the intestinal problems were strong after this poison, as time this has alleviated too much ... it is like I was recovering part of a lost intestinal flora that makes my intestines start working well, this is my point; damage to intestinal bacteria. I hope your analysis goes well and without a doubt it would be great if you share your experiences, greetings.
  14. What madness, guitarman01, what are your intestinal problems? I have seen that you are very interested in the intestinal epileteal microbiota and this lets me know that this junk pill made this disorder in your intestines. It doesn't surprise me that the microbiota is involved in more problems than perhaps many of us think are unrelated. some problems persist from the last time or continue of the same intensity. I am not looking for answers to support me in my symptoms, on the contrary, I want t