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  1. I was under the impression that Accutane was an anti-biotic? I am 1 month and a half in, and I just had my dermatologist appointment, it was short and sweet. Like 3 minutes, she didn't really seem to care. What I find weird is that she has put me on 30mg of Accutane, is that normal for an 18 year old? I will check with the FAQ because I know there's a way of calculating your 'correct dosage' but what worries me more is that I am going on holiday with my family (last family holiday ever, thank l
  2. ouch, that hurts my eyes to read. Edit in some punctuation? but thanks for the tip... not sure if i understood it right though.
  3. Right, you've stooped so low that you're now being pedantic? Enough said.
  4. well to all those people saying its impossible. What about that Vaccine for HIV? Reduces the chances by a third apparently. So nothings impossible.
  5. Okay...... fair enough. Thankyou, after seeing all the negativity in these forums about accutane it's quite uplifting to see some hope. and to Maddy, you couldn't be more correct! A hot body is a hot body. But hot body covered in acne... now that's horrible. It's so depressing day after day looking at my body slowly become hidden behind the horrible wall of acne. (it's not really that bad, but it's getting worse). thankyou all.
  6. Okay..... but I do plan to run a marathon when I'm older. I don't want to become crippled but I think I'm going to try it.
  7. im almost on the same boat is u just a year younger i have tryed every thing u can possibly try and i love sports i think ima try to take it. Yeah but another factor for me is that I have a phobia of not having a six pack and an impressive body overall. (I swear I have this, I'm not being cocky! It's made life easier to bear having a nice body. It makes up for the face So i've got used to it, and now its become routine.... thus developing into a phobia)
  8. NEED ADVICE SUMMARY OF THE BIG BLOCK OF TEXT BELOW (BULLET POINTS) I'm 17. Mild/Moderate Acne. 20 on average at a time when worse. Had Acne 5 Years Tried 4 years of different topicals/orals/diets/treatments/OTC. Tried enough. MAIN FEAR- Athletic, thus scared of RoAccutane's aftereffects of bone aches. Declined offer from Dermatologist before due to this reason. Only Face Acne, now suddenly for no reason body acne. SECONDARY MAIN FEAR - Hot Body makes up for shame of face and keeps my ego/confid
  9. Not necessarily. You should use a formulation that is oil free and is labeled as non comodogenic. I guess i should make my information more clear. You should moisturize at least twice a day. Three times is optimal if your schedule can fit it in conveniently. If you are still feeling dry then perhaps your moisturizer is not strong enough or you have dry skin type. Again, it depends on your moisturizer. Cetaphil's Moisturizing Lotion is what i bring to mind when i think of moisturizing three t
  10. SIMPLE Q+A ON ACNE. THE BASIC KNOWLEDGE. Notification before reading - The answers on this page were as simple as I could judge. They are certainly not the definite facts, they are summary's from the community's feedbacks. The point is, they may not work for you, but you can always try. If You Answer : ONLY ANSWER IF YOU 'KNOW' Please C+P the Questions + write your answers. When Replying (Please do not quote) 1) Download 'Questions' Attachment from this thread 2) Copy + Paste the questions fr
  11. I haven't no.... but there were many mixed opinions on the regimen. I've tried many regimens, some which were very similiar to Dans. I don't know what to do, I Want Roaccutane but everyone's saying it's ruined their lives. Some say it saved their lives. I'm 17. I shouldn't have to decide whether to ruin my life or save it. I just want to be happy. I know, after 4-5 years, that i've taught myself i will not be happy with this on my face. When i was clear people talked to me more, pe