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  1. FrankieB- thanks for the advice about the nose thing, i will try that! lexilex- the funny thing was i never really broke out when i got on it. its been progressively getting better ever since i started. but, your breakout will end and before you even know it you will have clear skin! you'll be fine
  2. Third month of Accutane. Lips are definetely not as dry as they used to be for some reason? My skin is becoming overly dry though, so i use lotion. My nose has become dry and i had a freak nosebleed yesterday. It was weird because I have never had a nosebleed in my life, but I guess it's just a side effect. I'm seeing great progress and no scarring so far !
  3. im so sorry. my past derm was a peen too. he wouldnt perscribe me accutane when i had been on tetracycline for about 8 months and he had done blackhead extractions(which KILL and werent working). just keep looking around! find a derm that can fit your needs(which is obviouslynot the one you are talking about!) good luck!
  4. i got yesterday and im putting aloe on. but im still peeling
  5. 2nd month of accutane. face is looking great. got the dry lips goin on. but, my back has been killing me everyday in weighlifting. do you think it is from accutane? if so, what should i do?
  6. i just had my 1 month appointment today! accutane is realllly drying me out. but just think, itll all be worth it when we see our clear faces for the first time in a longgggg while!
  7. im on 40mg once a day. good luck to you too!
  8. i started breaking out very badly, and had to switch derms cause my last one just wasnt doing anything for it.
  9. just started accutane tonight. wish me luck.
  10. Hola everyone, saw everyone posting on here and i thought i'd join the crowd... first of all, lionheart: i have 2 words...ANGER MANAGEMENT. And as far as the whiny part goes, for some people it's it only place they can let their feelings and thoughts out. Having ACNE is hard, and it affects your everyday life. But what doesn't kill us will make us stronger! so hopefully we will leave out experience with acne not a hateful human being like you are. oh and Elsa, buckttoth or not, you are a beautif

    poor squirrels!

    Baby squirrels i saved in the hurricane
  12. My derm has just put me on a salycylic cleanser to exfoliate them, so far so good.
  13. Has anyone ever gotten acne on their arms? JW cause i have a couple of places that just randomly popped up and it's really gross....ugh...please give me advice if you have any! Thanks ! PS- I get my Braces off today!
  14. Tetracycline works for alot of people, but when you do take it, make sure to take it with a full glass of water because it can burn holes in your esophagus
  15. It's great stuff! But NEVER put it on if you have sunburn unless you want to fry.