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  1. you're so pretty its kinda rediculous :)

  2. i dont know how to STOP them turning into pustules but i always get inflamed spots and think Freederm works great to speed up the cycle of the spot. So it gets worse before it gets better. but instead of lasting a week, it would last 2-3 days.
  3. uhhhhhh - #1 no acne... and rhinoplasty! hehe =)
  4. hey, i use BP 5% and at first my face went bright red - then like grey from dryness - then wrinkly especially around the sensitive areas like my chin. it felt really tight so i started using it every other day. Bp works quite well but my personal fav is Freederm, it ACTUALLY works for me. it dries out a pimple in a day if i apply it 2/3 times and after all that, no dryness/wrinkles or redness. infact, it actually reduces the redness i get from "angry spots". love it x
  5. Well! I have been trying to seriously clear my acne for a month and a bit now, and finally - im starting to see results! The problem is, with the spots disappearing, the scars/marks are becoming waaay more apparent! I think i may have quite a few pitted or ice pick scars and loads of red/brown marks? I still have some active acne so i'm under the impression that i can't undergo a treatment like dermabrasion. I think my skin responds well to topical treatments so does anyone know if anything c
  6. I work in a retail store at the customer service desk on the weekends and at one point i used to HATE going because of my acne. When it was at it's wrost, old grannies would sometimes give me "words of wisdom" like to not eat greasy food - LIKE I DONT DO THAT ALREADY. I avoid mirrors at all costs because if i happen to look in one it makes me depressed! My skins pretty much in the same condition. But it doesn't bug me anymore because the people i work with are so nice, they make me feel as thou
  7. hey, i've been off dairy for about a month now. i havn't ever had cysts but i did have like 20 zits of all sizes per cheek! at the moment, i have 3 on one cheek and 2 on the other and a whitehead on my forehead (thats a result for me!) i once had an ice-cream and i tell u, the next day i saw 5 new zits appear on my face! coinsidence? i dont know, but i sure as hell dont want to risk it. every morning i have cereal with soya milk. as far as yoghurt is concerned, i just eat soup now, which im rea
  8. I have been using lymecyclin for about 2 months now and my skin is just starting to show a real improvement. Im anaemic and so was prescribes Iron tablets, the doctor told me to wait 4 hours after i took the anti-biotics before taking the iron tablets. So i did but still noticed that it did reduce the effectiveness of the anti-biotic. So, i thought...good skin or good health - picked good skin ofcourse!
  9. My face was sooo dry, peeling and the dry parts had darkened. It looked horrid and i could not even cover it with make-up, because that would just peel off too. Ages ago i wanted to try out tea tree oil and it said on the bottle that i needed to dilute it in a carrier oil, and recommended Almond Oil. At the time was my skin was horrid and i thought that the Almond Oil caused me to break out even more so didnt use it again. However, because of the dryness and the fact that my moisturizer was
  10. I feel exactly the same as you - minus the alcohol and the smoking. I was meant to visit my family in the summer too but i chose not to go because it would be such a hassle with my routine and i look horrid! I was really bad 2/3 months ago because i had come off minocycline and it gave me the worst acne of my life. This past month, my acne has got a lot better, i think mainly because i cut out dairy from my diet and drink that ACV shit everyday. I have like 1 tiny spot - (now heres the catch)
  11. I think i tend to notice whether something makes a real difference when i stop doing it. I was drinking 2 cups a day for about a month, and the condition of my skin was gradually getting better. Then i ran out of Green Tea and couldn't be bothered to get some more for 3 days, and POW - 4 new spots per cheek! Absence makes the heart grow fonder - BIG TIME.