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  1. Acne_is_my_secret

    Antidepressents Fluoxetine

    Yh Im not too happy with the idea of being on them but I'm desperate, I swear they are taking effect already - maybe not but I dont look that great but I still went to college today and had a really gd day Ermm... I hate saying eating disorder as its complicated but my eating is definantly disorderd if you catch my drift x
  2. Acne_is_my_secret

    so damn UGLY

  3. OK today I was prescribed some antidepressents -Fluoxetine to relieve me from my severely depressive moods and help my disorderd eating. I dont know how I feel about taking these. I cant imagine Im ever going to feel ok with looking like this but I desperate to just be able to get on with my day and feel motivated. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any good or bad experiences with Fluoxetine, apparently they are commonly given to depressed teenagers because they are considered safer th
  4. Acne_is_my_secret


  5. Acne_is_my_secret


  6. Acne_is_my_secret

    Nobody likes holisitic

    Laziest - people enjoy certain foods. I would love to try it but cant for my own reasons
  7. Acne_is_my_secret


    Google "Vicky Pollard"
  8. Acne_is_my_secret


    The downfall and hopefully rise of my skin.
  9. Acne_is_my_secret


    I found all the "popular" girls were good looking in a chavy type way but also had big personalities, most of them were bitches and slagged each other off behind their backs. Most of them are either fat or pregnant now soooo....... The guys weren't all that - most had acne but they had confidence too, loads of it. I went to a pikey chav school so the "popular" people were the chavs who could beat anyone up.
  10. Yes, of course I want you. I want to suck your Chupa Chup. Like,omg duuuuuhhh. Who wouldn't?

    1. Acne_is_my_secret

      Can a lack of fat cause acne?

      Maybe .... I suffered with anorexia for a while and at first it made my skin clearer - acting like a detox almost and then due to lack of nutrients, essential fatty acids ect my skin became terrible.
    2. .... a spotty button plus sad time at home and gained a bit of weight but I've shifted 4 and a half pounds so far :dance: ....... although I've had a bacon sandwich and 2 dinners today :shock: tut tut ..... got to stop comfort eating :boohoo:
    3. I'm really happy for you lately suicide has been in my thoughts and I think of praying although I do not believe in god and have often made my views very clear and blunt so I think it would be a bit rich of me to pray. I really respect you for believing in your faith that much that you think it was praying that relieved your skin. congrats x