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  1. Do you mean it has returned after 2-3 weeks as if it was never gone but just smaller? Or that it has returned in the same place. Because i usually find my cysts reoccur in the same place everytime, at the side of my mouth
  2. I find i have exactly the same problem I usually have about 2-3 cysts around my mouth chin area but then nothing else maybe afew marks from previous ones fading. I too only started getting these about the age of 18 before that i was always skating bmxing skateboarding doing stuff. Then after i stopped those i started to play video games and such and this started.
  3. I would not recommend taking oral antibiotics they are useless and only a temporary fix and once you stop taking them you will just break out again and even worse after the back log. If his problem is oily skin sure taking oral antibiotics will kill the acne bacteria so he wont get any but this isnt solving his problem of oily skin, i agree with the accutane
  4. No i dont smoke, i dont know if this could be anything to do with it but the other day for lunch i ate a baked potato with mayo onion and cheese (alot of dairy) and the next day and the day after that i had noticed quite afew small red pimples appearing, maybe it could have something to do with that. I have been trying to cut out Using dairy for a while now but its really hard as i drink alot of tea (with milk) maybe 8 cups a day but i did cut out the sugar on those. But i never really connecte
  5. Aha might have to invest in some anti-fungal cream and try it out
  6. Okay so what i experience i wouldnt say is severe but it is more of the deep pimples which dont always come to a head and are rather painful. I only seem to get them around my mouth. I dont have alot maybe one or two at most at a time, but i feel like after it leaves its just a waiting game for the next one to appear. I have tried antibiotics in the past which didnt work i had used differin gel for about a year, i used ACV for about 6 months and i have recently used ProActiv for about 6 month
  7. i am pretty much in the same boat as you i am good looking guy i get checked out alot my acne isnt really that bad at all thought i have about 1 or 2 spots active at a time and i do use concealer over them. I cant say i have ever been caught though
  8. Well by that i mean is i think my acne is pretty mild sometimes moderate when i break out but i only ever get spots in exactly the same places, in these areas surrounding my mouth which have a change in pigmintation colour to the rest of my skin. I think they are damaged cells that never have a chance to repair fully before they get clogged up and flare up again. I have been on Adapalene 0.1% for about 3 months which just seemed to shorten there lifespan but not much else, so i now have been pla
  9. I can vouch for this i think i had mild/moderate acne but taking acv 2 tablespoons each night and morning for about 1 week and it has really done the trick right now my face is clear. I have been taking this in conjuction with Differin 0.1% every night dunno wether its the differin finally kicking in after like 8 weeks but hope it keeps this way, i will post some pics
  10. I have just started using ACV also been taking 2 tabelspoons every morning and night now for about a week. The first 2 days i had afew break outs which i can say were there just waiting to surface before the ACV anyway but now i have got those out of the way my skin is better than it has been in months i maybe have one tiny white head right now at the side of my mouth (prob due to shaving) but i just hope this is due to the acv really kicking in and helping me rather than a week that i may go wi
  11. Just a quick question i am on Differin gel 0.1% and i have been taking 2 tablespoons of ACV every morning and night now for 3 days it seems to be working somewhat no new breakouts and skin seems clearer. I am starting to get dry lips though has anyone else experienced this?
  12. I would just assume look for something on the isle where you would find vinegars and such look for a bottle with cyder vinegar written on it preferably organic. I bought mine from Morrisons today its 'Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar' and has pictures of apples below the writing. it cost me £1.27 for a 500ml bottle 5% acidity I mean i dunno as far as vinegar goes but if it says Cyder then its going to be made from apples just like the alcoholic drink Cider is made also with apples
  13. Hey i am 19 and i am pretty much having the same as you apart from mine will be clear or so skin for a week then i will get 1 or 2 the doctor has prescribed me with Adapalene 0.1% which i apply once before bed i have been on it for about 7 weeks and it does seem to be helping if not to keep my face clear but to get rid and dry out spots much faster than anything else i have tried. I have yet to see it totally clear my breakouts but i am hoping that it will do this eventually as the doctor says
  14. Just like to add at the moment though my face is practically cleared up i have maybe 1 or 2 small spots and a couple of areas that are just getting over spots just wish it could stay this waay
  15. Ok well i am 19 and basically i just cant remember the last time my face was clear. I am really more concerned though about 1 specific area at the side of my mouth, Not touching my mouth about 1cm away it seems to just get reinfected and most of the time its quite painful. I think this could be due to damaged cells or something from squeezing at a deep painful spot there before. There is slight discolouration (darker) in this area although does seem to be fading. My doctor prescribed me Diffe