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  1. Well, I know that accupuncture actually IS readily available in the US. You just haffta know where to look. My mom gets accupuncture for her shoulder and it's helped her a lot. I've never heard of accupuncture for skin conditions, though. I was under the impression that it was for more... internal stuff. Bone and joint problems and stuff. I could be wrong.
  2. Swimming frequently really helps my acne. A lot. My face and back are 100% clear right now because I'm in the pool and the sun almost every day. Once winter kicks in, though, I'll probably start to break out. I don't know if it's the sun or the bacteria-fighting chemicals in the chlorine. All I know is that I don't have bad skin right now! Of course, not all swimmers will have good skin.
  3. Going in the pool frequently and getting out in the sun really helped to clear up my back. Maybe it's the chlorine, maybe it's the sun, but it made my back completely clear. I also use Neutrogena BP.
  4. My skin is soft and smooth, although my nose is still oily. I've got some red marks that are slowly fading, but it's nothing I can't live with. That Neutrogena BP stuff really works for me. I use St. Ive's medicated scrub every other day.
  5. it's always worked fine for me. The key is moderation, though.
  6. I used the body acne spray. It cleared up a couple of zits, but that's it. Not worth the trouble.
  7. I've definitely noticed that using certain hair products (gel, hairspray, mouse, etc.) will cause acne on my hairline. If you use any of these, you may want to consider retiring them for a bit and seeing if that makes any difference.
  8. i love masques. I have oily skin and they really reduce the oil, redness, and inflammation
  9. apply just a little. Use moisturizer afterwards
  10. I recommend those pore-clearing strips by Biore. They're definitely NOT for sensitive skin, though. They're not a miracle, but they do help a bit. Also, i've heard that applying 100% aloe vera gel can help to reduce the "blackness" of blackheads. Hydrogen peroxide is supposed to help as well. But DEFINITELY don't do all these things at once or you'll be just asking for trouble. haha
  11. Proactiv is a load of crap. Honestly. It sucks. It made my skin worse. I've never had an allergic reaction to anything before, but Proactive sure screwed my skin up. I stopped using it after about 2 weeks and I'm gonna return it. It's waaaay hyped up.
  12. Alright, I'm one of those people with acne who has a very high self esteem (ok, my acne is really mild, but it still sucks). It's great that you have such a positive outlook on life and that having acne has helped you realize all that stuff. HOWEVER, you're making some broad generalizations there. Also, I really don't think that anyone would WANT to have acne. There are plenty of people who realize that there are more important things in a person than their appearance. Take me, for example, befo
  13. Are you guys serious? I had a horrid feel-it-coming zit/bump on my forehead yesterday. I put some toothpaste on it last night and it's completely and totally GONE today. You have to make sure that you use white, non-gritty, non-whitening toothpaste. The plainest stuff you can find. I use Colgate total. It seriously works. I mean, you can't use it as a mask or anything, that would probably make you break out. But a little drop on a spot works wonders.
  14. Yeah, some people break out in different places. I'm 15 and I have an oily but clear T-Zone and zits on the sides of my forehead. Ugh. As for the prescription stuff, I'm really not sure. Maybe you can ask the derm?
  15. brief exposure to the sun and a slight tan can help acne in the short term.
  16. absolutely. Swimming in the pool once a day for a week cleared me up completely.
  17. Put toothpaste on it tonight. I swear by toothpaste. It can't be the gritty kind, though. Get the plainest toothpaste you can find in your house, dab it on the spot, leave it on overnight, and it should keep the zit from becoming enormous by tomorrow. If it does get bigger, I promise it'll be much smaller than it would have been without the toothpaste. Just try it.
  18. I reccommend the oil-control moisturizer by Clean and Clear! works for me
  19. Well, too much sun is bad whether you have acne or not. The key is moderation. I dunno, it might make acne worse with some people, but everyone i know with acne says sun exposure has helped their skin.
  20. So far, research has proven that there's really no link between what you eat and drink and acne. Of course, if you notice that a certain food makes you break out more, common sense says to stay away from it. Just eat and drink healthily. Water does help hydrate skin and hair, so drink a lot of that.
  21. Sorry this response is kinda late... but I really would reccommend doing nothing. Just leave the scars. There's really no way you can cover them completely. Even if the makeup is waterproof, it will eventually run off or come off with a towel or something. Trust me, you'll attract far less attention and avoid sticky questions if you just ignore them. Really.
  22. If you have access to a pool- My advice is to go swimming as much as possible, even if you're embarrassed by your body acne. I swam every day for a week, and the sun and chlorine cleared up my bacne in ONE WEEK. Please try it!
  23. try pulling your hair back when you sleep. I notice that if I leave my hair down at night, I'll get new breakouts. Even after one night!