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  1. This is how retina works. The sensitivity, the new breakouts. Retinoids take a long time to work and you must exercise patience, something most people don't have. The best advice I can give you is to start out slow, don't pile on the retin-a (use a thin layer), and moisturize heavily.
  2. Purpose Face Wash is the best I have used. Very gentle, which is good when using retinoids.
  3. I have been on Taz for 7 months and it cleared my skin relatively well, but it is just too drying for me to continue with it, plus my face is always red. These two products have barely any info on them on this site, so I am wondering if anybody has used either of them. For those who aren't familiar, Avage is essentially tazorac with an emollient cream and Renova is retin-a with an emollient cream. The emollient is to make the cream less irittating. It seems to be like it can be a good alternativ
  4. I have been on Taz for around months. It has taken care of my acne, but my skin is always red, especially around my chin area which makes it look like I have some red mark on my face. I use cerave with jojoba oil and I moisturize heavily so I am wondering what I should do. I am thinking of switching to retin-a micro .1%, but I am worried this won't keep my acne at bay which the Taz has managed to do. Any suggestions?
  5. in my experience. I was breaking out in month 3 and 4 almost worse than the prior months. I am in month 5 or 6 now and I am great acne-wise. But for some reason my skin is starting to peel now when it hadn't for the prior 5 months. I say stick with it if you can.
  6. i am about 5 months in on using taz. And it has almost cleared me up, still have a lot of red marks. I am still getting zits though, not a lot, but still some. Does taz really take a whole year to fully work?
  7. Get the face cream. That's what I have and it's great, not greasy at all. But, it's not incredibly moisturizing so you might need to use jojoba oil or something along with it, which is what I do.
  8. I have been on taz for around 3 months now and my skin is fairly sensitive still, but the water is getting warmer and I am going to be going to the beach a lot more now. I need a good sunscreen that is really strong because I am pretty white and burn easily. I have been looking at this stuff called Neutrogena Age Shield face spf 110, and it's non-comedogenic, but from experience I realize it's win-lose with sunscreen regardless of what the bottle claims. Please let me know if any of you have tri
  9. Yeah accutane took like 5 months to clear me. And my acne came back anyway, but not as bad. I am entering my 3rd month I think on taz and I am still going through stages of being clear for one week then having a 6-7 pimple breakout the next. I kind of expect this though because I have been on retinoids many times, but it still sucks. It's a bummer you quit the taz, but maybe it's for the best. Maybe try a less harsh retinoid cuz it sounds like your skin was really dried out. The bumps that you a
  10. so is it okay to eat? Especially since brown rice doesn't faze me.
  11. Athletic, you can keep saying that you have read hundreds of articles, that doesn't mean shit. Show me credible articles. Any person can write an article about anything on the interweb. Not to mention, I actually have studied tap water. I have physically tested water from the taps of several reservoirs in America as part of finishing my enviro major. You have read a couple of articles on the internet. Please don't tell me to study more. And if people are skeptical about the quality of their city
  12. I'd like to see the article that claims that the soldiers arteries were that of 80 and 90 year olds. I am an environmental science major, and actually have had a research project comparing tap water from different areas in America. You do not know what you are saying. You are complaining about fluoride causing alzheimer's disease. This is simply speculation and has zero medical evidence. Fluoride in water actually has many good uses. The fact that you complain about fluoride when a large portion
  13. This is ridiculous. Tap water is based on where you are located. The Bay Area has some of the best tap water you can drink. Dependent on where you live tap water can be dangerous or healthy, but it can also be a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Especially because most bottled water is from the tap anyway. You think that all tap water comes from the same reservoir? No, tap water varies from good to bad. You should do research on the specific reservoir that
  14. I found this great indian restaurant near me and every meal includes basmati rice with veggies and what not. I eat a lot of brown rice and have no problems with it, so is white basmati rice okay? I heard it has a low gi.