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  1. Well my skin does still get oily during the day..but seriously my acne is ALL gone since I started using it. I assume that sleeping with the MOM on absorbs a lot of oil and prevents the clogged pores, so it prevents acne. At least my acne is gone...I'll take that for now, even with some oily skin still. Better than having both, still.
  2. Hi, Well I've been using milk of magnesia on my face every night, sleeping with it on, and I cannot believe that my skin has never looked better. I've tried many prescription meds. But this is best for oily skin due to its oil absoring properties. But I know that if people take it for its purpose, a laxative, there is a warning not to ingest too much because it could cause high blood levels of magnesium. Do you know if there's any danger with putting it on your face?
  3. Anyone use Boots No 7 true identity liquid foundation? How does it affect acne and oil?
  4. Hi everyone, I have oily and acne prone skin. What do you use for your facial SPF and body SPF? I want a large bottle of body lotion that has SPF to apply every day, but not pure sunblock. I also want a face friendly moisturizer with SPF. I try to find SAFE products according to the cosmetic safety database (skindeep.com) that are also skin friendly AND affordable...almost impossible!!
  5. Hi all I use Clean and Clear Salicylic Acid gel on my face at night. However there is alcohol in it which I know can irritate skin, among other ingredients. What do you use for salicylic acid...is there a more natural product?
  6. Actually I use 2 drops of 100% jojoba oil on my oily, acne prone skin. Yes, OIL on oily skin. Believe it or not, it does NOT add oil to the face. It balances the amount of oil produced. Jojoba oil is similar to natural skin oil, and by applying it to the skin and letting it absorb for a few minutes, it somewhat tricks the skin into thinking there is already oil present and thus less oil is actually produced. I got it at a local health store.
  7. How long does the liquid foundation last for you? And is the application with that sponge tip easy to use?
  8. Okay, I really need a more affordable moisturizer with SPF that is oil-free and good for acne prone, oily skin. I use Biore spf 15 but its $12 for 1.7 oz!!! I also heard bad reviews about cetaphil, neutrogena, aveeno because they leave a greasy residue or cause break outs. Plus I want a more natural product because I've had good luck with natural soap on my face...but I know they need to add chemicals for the SPF...can I get a natural one at a whole food/natural store? What do you use?
  9. Hi Does anyone use Physician's Formula makeup? They have powder and foundations. It's supposed to be talc-free and good for acne prone skin.
  10. Hi all Does anyone use Neutrogena healthy skin liquid foundation, or Maybelline light loose powder? I have oily, acne prone skin and use these products. They seem to be okay for my face. Has anyone had negative experiences with these? Also, what do you girls use on your face as far as foundations and loose powder goes, especially with oily, acne prone skin?
  11. Hi I have very oily skin but need a light moisturizer containing SPF...all the ones I have seen contain harsh chemicals like detergents (SDS etc)...does anyone know of any that do not contain these chemicals which will only irritate my acne prone skin more? Thank you