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  1. Everyone's skin is different when it comes to healing... With my experience i started seeing a big improvement within about 1 month of starting with the neosporin. Hope you see good results! Good luck!!
  2. Haha... well since he IS the older one... maybe i should be the "Italian Colt" Haha!! Ya? And what do you mean by plot... you think we are gunna be against eachother? dude we are italian! You cant hate another italian it just doesnt work that way haha
  3. It should be the last thing done. And you dont need alot just put a little bit on and leave it alone. If it feels itchy... dont itch it!!! that itchy feeling is the neosporin healing the skin.
  4. Haha... competition huh? I would think we are all on the same team right? All fighting the same enemy... ACNE!!!
  5. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Luke 12:34. I think that God made us the exact way he intended. I don't believe that acne is a punishment because if you think about it... it is only skin deep. What does God care about? Does he care about how clean your skin is or how clean your heart is? What is going to get us to heaven and really give us peace and Joy? One thing i think about is... if it wasnt my skin that bothered me it would be something else. So
  6. Hey well there was the problem. give it a shot again and see the results this time. I had the exact problem.
  7. A lot of times if your acne is still coming to the surface daily the Beta Peel wont help but once it is under control.. it makes a huge difference. When you had this chemical peel was your acne under control?
  8. One thing i found helpful is a Beta Peel. For the next few days after having it done.. all that congestion will start moving to the surface. about one week later your skin looks better than ever.
  9. Hmm... How thin does your skin on your arms feel? And have you gained muscle mass really fast?
  10. I had same problem man... I had that same thing goin on with my chest and arms. I almost quit working out to try and fix the problem but the marks were still there. one thing that helped was drinking a protein shake before the work out. what this does is adds fat onto your arms that is burned into muscle very quickly but protects them from growing too quickly for your skin to handle the change. It helped so much and the problem is gone. Hope this helps Bro. Also is it just on your arms tha