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  1. Ya, I totally agree. Really I don't know why people make such a big deal about being in the sun with acne. My acne always cleared up in the summer. My red marks always became virtually unnoticeable with a tan too. The important thing is to not get a sunburn.
  2. Let's get one thing straight. Donkey Penis is a major doucher. Douchers only respond to more acts of douchery. Sinking to her level won't do anything, you have to sink WAY lower. You want my advice? Go to her room, pull down her covers, take a dump in her bed, proceed to pull the covers back up. After she discovers it, before the initial shock and disgust wears off, calmly tell her that this will be a daily occurrence if she ever F***s with you again. She's not going to literally kill you
  3. You DEFINITELY do not want to start with one that strong. I did them for a while and started with 15%. As for how well they work: I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, and it did help fade some red marks, but don't expect to see much if any difference with indented scars.
  4. I got mine today, I'll post every couple of days to give an update on my progress. I was thinking the other day though, some of the studies were done with topical lipoic acid creams. I was wondering if this would be more effective as dermarolling+topical application. Dermarolling is known to increase the absorption of topicals, and according to one study, topical lipoic acid is very effective. I'm going to give the oral lipoic acid at least 3 months, if I don't see the results I desire in th
  5. No one good to do that around me.
  6. No one good to do that around me.
  7. ^Hahahahaha^ But seriously........this makes me want to club baby seals. Every time someone types like this the voices get louder and angrier. Kindly cease and desist.
  8. Damn.....figures I would unwittingly change my avatar right after someone just complimented it.....Hopefully Jimmy Page is also the man. haha
  9. Ya, I just bought 3 bottles of the "Doctor's Best" stuff too. I'll post when I get mine and update on the progress periodically. If there is any credence in some of the reviews on this site, then it shouldn't take long to notice the effects.
  10. Ya, I think it might be prudent to wait on the more invasive stuff, at least till I'm actually off the stuff.
  11. Thanks for the reply, that was the answer that I wanted to hear! lol
  12. Ok, so I am currently on accutane, and I have read on this board a 1000 times not to undergo any scar treatments until I've been off the tane for a year. What I would like to know is, what are the risks exactly? Making new scars? Are these risks a certainty, or just a possibility? Anyone ever cheat on these rules? Horror Stories maybe? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Currently, I want to get 3 boxcar scars excised, and some follow up dermabrasion. I really hope that I don't have to
  13. Hey saw ur pics, how is ur skin and scarring going now???