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  1. Mark/Lamarr, what are your thoughts on Omega 6's & 9's? I've recently started taking evening primrose (no Omega 3's) to see if that would help and it's definitely not causing any other bad side effects that I can see so far...
  2. Wow. Some of you guys really don't empathize with the folks on here. Yes, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who've taken accutane and have had little-to-no side effects, and it has been the best thing in the world for them. Then there are others, like Oli Girl and Verysadperson, who have had the opposite. Everyone is different, and since even the makers of accutane aren't even sure how the drug works, we the patients have no idea how it will work with different people. I feel you,
  3. Hey all, Just another update. It's now been four months since I took my last Accutane pill... So, just as I mentioned in my last update, things were progressing well. I was using Rogaine (and then Xandrox 5%) morning and night, and I didn't cut my hair for two months. It continued to grow, and there was no more shedding. My scalp felt 100% normal. And if I did see any hairs falling out, they were thick and healthy strands. I thought I was finally on the permanent road to recovery. Just
  4. Hi all, Just another update I thought I'd share... It has now been almost three months since I took my last Accutane pill. I'm (cautiously) happy to say that my situation continues to get better. My scalp does not feel weird anymore, and my shedding is nothing out of the ordinary now. It's interesting, because when I was shedding a lot I noticed the hairs falling out were thinner/crappier than normal. Now, when my hair does fall out, the strands are much stronger/thicker and healthier-lo
  5. Hey there, I have been using Dan's regimen for two months now after only a little over a month of Accutane (had to get off of it for other reasons) and it has kept me 99% clear. I haven't been this clear for a long time. I just added some green cream about a month ago and that's not breaking me out either. But overall, I think you should have great results with the regimen if you're consistent with it.
  6. Hey there, I took 40 mg/day for the first 2.5 weeks, then 40 mg/every other day for a little over a week, and then two days of 20 mg/day and experienced rapid hair thinning.
  7. The biopsy was taken 2/18, which was a little over a week ago. I just got the results back today. Yeah, the report stated there was no significant inflammation present whatsoever. The report shows most of my hair was in the anagen phase. I will say though that my condition had continually gotten better over the past few weeks, which could make the case that it was the new anagen hair growth like you mentioned. I have been shedding all over, but it was hit the worst on the whole top portion
  8. Hey guys, Just another update. It's now been about a month and a half since I took my last Accutane pill... First, the good news -- my shedding has slowed quite a bit. I still see around 5 hairs on my pillow every morning, but only see a few on my hands when I apply the emu/grapeseed/rogaine to my scalp in the morning and at night. The best indication of my scalp health has been the lessening of the tingling/itching feeling. I never had intense itching or anything of the sort, but it was
  9. Hi all, Just an update. So my shedding still continues. Some days I only see like 5 hairs on my pillow in the morning, other times 10. Sometimes I lose only 10 hairs when I apply Rogaine/emu/grapeseed to my scalp, other times 20+...even when I'm being extremely gentle. It's really frustrating because just when I feel like I might be turning a corner, the shedding picks up again. I am now approaching the one-month mark since stopping Accutane; one more day and I'll be at that point. I kno
  10. Looks like you've got very minor sides to deal with then, Tommy. Lucky bastard! LOL. It's so interesting though how this drug hits people in so many different ways, as well as in terms of side effect-severity; no one really knows how you'll react. Anyway, just remember to slather your whole body with lotion and keep an eye on your scalp/hair and you should be fine. And yeah...don't worry about not being off the stuff for a few days. Remember that it stays in your system anywhere from aro
  11. Tommy, Your log is awesome. Keep it up; it def. lets others in the same boat know what to expect while on Accutane. Unfortch, my experience wasn't as good as yours, and I've had to go off the stuff. Btw, looks like you have your facial care down pat. You said that the rest of your skin is really dry, so make sure you moisturize after your showers with a good lotion -- arms, chest, legs...everything. The rashes and irritation can be cut down tons if you do this. Also, keep an eye on your
  12. Lamarr, I took your advice and stopped taking the flaxseed three days ago. I haven't seen any change in my hair loss/shedding, but interestingly enough, my eyes have improved quite a bit. I'm not sure if it's just the timing (because my eyes had been slowly getting better the past week or so), but even so I had to use eye drops/artificial tears every hour or so to avoid redness and irritation. The past two days, I've only used the drops 4-5 times during the day...and they continue to get bett
  13. Thanks for the advice lamarr. Curious, but why should I stop the flaxseed? I thought Omega fatty acids would do nothing but good for you in terms of Accutane side effects & dryness? I also forgot to mention I'm taking zinc, 40-80 mg/day. Btw, do you think it's safe for me to start taking my multivitamin again? I was going to wait over a month before I did that because I wanted to my body to get rid of all that excess Vitamin A. My doc told me it was safe to go on it immediately after s
  14. Hey guys, So I'm another lurker here on this thread and finally decided to post... First, a little background...I am 32 years old, 5'9", and weigh 155 pounds. I have had moderate acne since my college years. I had my ups and downs in terms of severity, but usually nothing that over-the-counter stuff couldn't help with. In the past couple years though, it had gotten to the point where nothing I used seem to help. I bought and tried pretty much every single OTC acne treatment you can think o
  15. Hi all, Just thought I'd report back on my status... So, I had two weeks between treatments. As I said in one of my previous post, the first 3-5 days were great. I had virtually no breakouts and my skin felt great (not oily as the day wore on). After that point, I slowly started to see my old skin coming back, though. The oilyness returned (though not as severe), and a few pimples popped up here and there. Nothing big or crazy, though. This didn't discourage me, though, cuz I know that w