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  1. jenny, did going on the 2nd course clear it up for good since its been 3 years? just wondering because im in the same boat as l3br0n23 , ive just been off it longer than him.
  2. January would make it a full year after Accutane. I was on tane for 6 months. At the end of the cycle my acne was pretty much gone just red marks that took a while to heal. 5 months off tane my acne started comming back. Nothing to big i couldnt handle though. But that was just the beginning. As the months went my acne progressed. Now im sitting here typing this lol. My acne is pretty bad again, almost exactly the same as what made me get on the pill except now i dont get the cyst or nodule ac
  3. Even going on accutane my Blackheads on my nose never went away while everything else did. My nose has big open pores and blackheads are constantly in them, ill squeeze the black heads out use alcohol then wash with noxema and the pores look closed and everything. I wake up the next morning and there right back the way they were lol. Whats a good way to get rid of these because they just wont go away. lol
  4. Ive been off accutane for a good 4-5 months. My face was clear, just some healing redmarks but NO ACNE!! Then the past 3 weeks my face has been braking out. First it was only one or 2. NOW my whole left face is covered with red acne spots that are red and sore to touch. And a few on my other cheek. School is coming up in a week and a half. I need these gone and some what healed FAST lol. SO my question is whats a good facewash to use? I dont need anything extravagant because this is my 1st
  5. Well its been a good 16 or so days since i posted this...And my face has gotten much worse lol I did have only a few, now my whole left cheek is covered. There in a cluster too so theres like 8 red marks from each acne spot all in the same little area. Im here washin my face every couple hours to try to dry them out and get them gone. sukks^ Yea you might be right, next time we go to the store ima check out a different face wash. Because i think my face might of became prone to this Noxema
  6. *bump* (this site seems less populated then the last time i was on it)
  7. Yes like you saw ive been off for like 5 months i think, i dont remember but its been a while ive been off. Withen those 5 months my face has been clear , my red marks have been healing during this time.With the occasional little pimple on my cheek or something but nothing big. The past 2 weeks my have has been braking out all along my side burns and my temples with 2 popping up in between my eye brows and now one on my cheek. These will be the ones that stick up pretty far and are soft red wi
  8. What can be done to 4 , 5-6 month old Nodules? Ive been on Tane for 4 months i THINK i cant remember anymore. There all (4) hard and are about 1cm more or less in width and are raised. I have tryed everthing for them. What can my Derm do to get rid of them becasue i go to see her tomarrow and i want to bring this up becasue they are bugging me bad because they have been on my face so long.
  9. Yea your 3rd week in your skin is going to be drying out more than it will later on , i didnt use any soap just warm watter for my 1st month or 2 . Then i started using Noxema or how ever you spell it, it dont dry out my face and it makes my face feel smooth and soft Good luck, hope the best for you.
  10. Everyone has different effects from it. Alot of people says it makes there skin more oily some says it dont some say it clears there skin etc. Me personaly, it didnt make my skin oily. It helped out with my acne some what but i dont remember fully it was a while ago since then i stoped drinking it because i got tired of it lol
  11. Yea i have alot of red marks left over from previous acne. My derm said that there scars under the skin and that they wont dissapear and i pill need lazer after im done on Tane. But i think shes lost and just wants our money. Because I KNOW that the red marks go away. because all my new ones are almost gone, i just have alot of old ones that are alot less red but still there and stand out. What do you think about this? Is she right or wrong? I think shes wrong. Also what can i do for old red
  12. She said that since they are so old that the stuff inside the Noduel can not be ingested threw the body or nothing because the puss/stuff in it jelly-fied and cannot absorb into the skin and that i will need surgery or lazer after im done with accutane. Is this true? Why did the stuff in the noduel jelly-fy? I can tell it jelly-fied because i tryed to pull the jelly stuff out of 2 of my noduels, and it acutlaly works some what, it makes them smaller if you get alot out, but i have to say IT HUR
  13. im on 80mg (2 40mg a day) and im great lol my face is pretty clear, hella lotta red spots also noduels that have been on since way before on tane. its weird i thought with a dose that high that i would have alot of dryness and joint paine and junk. I have nothing lol no dry lips no dry skin or joint pain
  14. Damn thats crazy,... Its crazzy how docs. can never find out on some people why after tane, even years after it they can have bad pains everyday. Which is kind of ironic because thay alll say Tane can make your joints weaker and or dry or what ever, but they cant think of anything to do... But man i hope docs can get you some pills to take for the pain ...no pun intended on the pills part. Or something...Stupid question have you tried icy-hot for it? Good luck -Joe
  15. Yes ive been on Tane for almost 2 months, and i had some nodules a week before starting Tane, and almost 2 mon. later i still have them. There anoying they look like medium sized bug bites and havent gotten bigger or smaller. I have 2 on one cheek and therer raised raised and you can feel them and see them, but there not real red, but a little red, And i have one right under my eye on my eye bone where the soft tissue it, and it sticks up more and is much redder. They have been they same siz
  16. Sorry i havent updated my Sig. I take 2, 40mg pills a day, so thats equal to a total of 80mg a day. Yep i got them off of craigslist, some guy sold me a years worth for 10bucks, i thought it was a steal.....LOL no im playing I got them from walgreens prescribed by my Derm. I never realy had that bad oiley skin, but when i get to doing stuff and im moving around alot insed of sweating my face will just get oiley, But over all from that it dont get oiley from that now. But thanks for the repl
  17. If im stil getting some cysts and nodules at the end of month 2. Do you think the Derm. will increase the amount again? And is this normal to be like this during month 2?
  18. ^ This is kinda where this thread belongs lol, but i understand where your coming from, because i still have bad acne and hella res spots, an i cant get any girls. They all turn me off soon as i see my face. And that sucks because im becoming a 10th grader in highschool and i want to have hell fun Highschool days in my life, but this acne kinda puts a road block on some situations. But hopefully im fully clear half way threw the school year hopefully sooner. Good luck to you though man. To the
  19. I didnt say it was a stupid idea, its a weird idea. Yes i tryed this before because there was a thread on this before so i tryed it, didnt do anything. Maybe its one of those things it will work for some and not for another. Who knowsss
  20. I dont know if this was stated , but all the famous people you listed are dead...lol no recent famous ALIVE people are up there. This is a little obserd but hey, what havent you(us) acne havers tryed/. I heard a thread like this before on here i cant find it tho. And that deer thing was pry the bigest conicednce ever. I get them all the time, i say watch that swing break while some1 swinging on it , next day i walk to the park theres a kid swingin and all of a sudden SNAP he flew off cause the
  21. ^^blackskies we should have a thread like that ! lol but bacc to the stuff, hell yea i hate that to, last year i heard that ALOT people would say "you should try proactive i heard it works" , "stop eating greasy food" ," do you wash your face" "why are they so red" , "you need something you got bad pimples" it goes on for ever what i heard. i usualy think of something igornat to say back but some times i just sit there n be nice abd respond saying proactv dont work, yea i wash my face and no
  22. thats a little low i think i dont know. Im 105-110 i fluxuate , and 1st month i was on 40 once a day, and second month im on 40TWICE a day so = to 80 a day. maybe they juss rounded you to 100 so that means you get the lower dosage and they pry rounded me to 110 which might mean i get higher dose.,.... BUT i dont know im just puttin my 2sence in becasue i have no idea on there polices
  23. Ive been on tane a Month and a half almost 2months. And its like im not even on it realy lol. 1st week i had back pain and shoulder and knee pain and stuff but after that 1st week i havent had pain since then im fine. my lips arent even all that chapped skin isent even realy dry, i only need miminal lotion No side effects curently but for chapedish lips, NOTHING else im susprized --- But one thing i HATE while on tane is i been getting 1-3 white heads that i pop and WILL NOT GO AWAY i pop
  24. So has anyone tried it besides ^ him lol??, my mom hasent got paied yet so getting it 2maro when she does. Ill get the cream so i dont have a oiley face from it lol.
  25. Not realy unless i get another app, with her. Shes so "busy" lol every time my mom calls in the front desk says shes busy call back or something. The booklet thay gave me didnt talk about that, it just talked about the side effects and stuff... But thanks for telling me 2 different times a day,