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  1. I discussed it long ago with my doctor and she told me that the fillers may move under the skin and the results would not last. Since i have tiny scars in large numbers she suggested going for laser only to see how it would work. I have had several sessions of Laser and now i am feeling absolutely tired of it. I will try subcisions though, how do your scars look like? Thank you so much for your word of encouragement. I am trying my best:0
  2. I will try to find a doc who can perform it because modern treatments are not available here except for lasers, dermabrasion and peeling. Thank u for the piece of advice
  3. I understand that side of you as being an empath myself:) i have been trying to fix my scars for years and years now. I used to hide my face when i was a teen because my class mates would ask me what was wrong with my cheeks. I used to have trouble sleeping on both sides as my cheeks would be covered with acne. I dont recall a single night when i didnt apply an acne ointment or cream. I thought it would get better but it never did. My acne spots turned into deep scars and i still try to figure
  4. Hi, I am writing this in desperation to find a cure for acne scars. I was only 16 years old when I started to have severe acne all over my face. Although the acne is long gone but now i have too many acne scars, marks, pigmented areas making me look unhealthy overall. I don't go out much in the sunlight because it is uncomfortable to be around people, I don't go on meetings with colleagues or attend the parties when they happen. No matter how much makeup I put on my scars are still visible