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  1. never caused me any issues. I love peanut butter.
  2. re: antibiotics http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/minerals/zinc/ says: "Concomitant administration of zinc supplements and certain antibiotics, specifically tetracyclines and quinolones, may decrease absorption of the antibiotic and potentially reduce its efficancy. Taking zinc supplements and these antibiotics at least two hours apart should prevent this interaction" I take the minocycline in the morning, then with supper I take (1) multivitamin and (1) 50mg zinc.
  3. then I guess it's a good thing we're not mice, huh?? I wouldn't worry to much about it.
  4. So it's Baking Soda, not Baking Powder?? Just making sure. Confusing those makes pancakes taste like crap, god knows what it would do to skin.
  5. Honey on the face?? Thats new to me. To think, I grew up eating this stuff and never knew that. hmmm, What other breakfast food can I put on my face ? Fruitloops?? bacon?? ha-ha jk. Sounds interesting. I might try it.
  6. Having acne proned skin has also given me a thicker skin. It's actually kinda fun scaring young children sometimes
  7. pork has never affected me. which reminds me, what time is dinner?
  8. I've blown off a day of work, But I have to much of an active life - family, friends. I can't really "hide" for long.
  9. Thats kinda my thing also. Its actually cuts down on the stress and can actually help the situation. I care mildly, but I don't let it control me. Like you said, everyone has there little "things" . I'm sure there is a forum for baldness and also probably one for over weight people where they also vent about the way they look. What really matters is the family and friends that you have around you that like you for you. Those people are the ones that matter most. To heck with what everyone else s
  10. no really. I read somewhere that it's only a myth. It's as about as true as the one that says it will grow hair on your palms or go blind if you do it. How many hairy palmed blind people have you seen walking around?? I say people because I don't think it's only refering to males.
  11. It's a myth meant to keep you from doing it. Thats all.
  12. Thanks for tip, I made a note on this post. Worth looking into if what I'm using doesn't help.