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  1. Rf microneedling softens the scars and fills them up a tiny bit. Nothing major. It can help improve them making them look less jarring but if you want more dramatic results go for some other treatment, or at least combine with subcision and cross. It can help with these but you will need 5-6 + sessions. For best results on the boxcar scars combine with tca cross.
  2. None! Do yourself a favour and find a qualified specialist who will perform tca or phenol cross for your ice-pick scars. Rf microneedling can do very little. Speaking from experience.
  3. Do you see any improvement for these scars already in terms of depth? Why did't you get the phenol cross for the ice-picks if i may ask?
  4. Was texture your main concern? What types of scars did you have before the peel? I'll be following your thread. Good luck with the peel
  5. Thanks. I've heard that if done correctly scars don't widen, or at least not permanently. I have many ice-picks and tiny scarred pores as I suffered from severe acne. I will gladly take the downtime (now we have an excuse to wear masks in public so it's ok). I am a bit mad I lost 1,5 years not having my ice pick scars treated properly but I am glad I realized it in time to change it. Do you think tca cross can be done every 6 weeks, or how long should I wait between treatment sessions?
  6. Dr Rullan treated 50-100 ice picks scars on one person? Wow! I'd love to get phenol cross, but it has not been widely offered. I have posted my photos on Realself, asking for a recommendation, and the doctors who replied unanimously suggested a few sessions of tca cross, alongside with microneedling to improve the texture further, but tca cross shouldn't be missing from the treatment plan. Unfortunately, I have many ice-picks scars. Maybe 10-15 on each side.
  7. But the treatment of choice for ice-pick scarring is tca cross, or better yet phenol cross as it causes less widening, isn't it? Any microneedling, standard or radio-frequency based, is just an added bonus, so to speak?
  8. Hi and thanks for the reply. I was wondering exactly this. Will phenol cross help fill the scars, or make them worse? What other treatment could be effective in your opinion? Some scars are just dilated pores and look small, but I also have many bigger ice-pick scars which might benefit from CROSS I think. My own research showed that most doctors would recommend the CROSS for such dilated pores and ice-picks. I am wearing a light BB cream on the photos but without make-up my scars are no differe
  9. Hello What treatment should I get and how many sessions would it take to see improvement for these scars? Am I a good candidate for tca or phenol cross, or something else?