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  1. Hey Guys... Well about 2-3 months post tane and i have started getting quite a number of very tiny whitehead bumps on different areas of my face... At first i was like FUUUUCK NOOOO! but after reading a few posts on here it seems to be what a lot of people experience...It disapointing but it is sooooo sooooo minor compared to how my acne was... ATM there is no way I am taking any more tane as it is too minor... Do you think taking antibotics or something else may help? Do you think my acne may
  2. i got same problem... small bumps popping up after 2-3 post tane.. Its managable how it is... just don't want it to get any worse... no way im taking tane again tho!
  3. Hi, I can relate very strongly to you when you talk about you skin impacting your mood etc. I recently completed my course of accutane and it has done absolute wonders for my skin. There are shitty side effects which for me were mainly extremely dry lips & nose (inside), but I would definitely recommend it as it can change your whole life in the end. Goodluck!
  4. I felt the same way...but after 7 months I was so fkn over the side effects and everything that even though I wasn't completely clear I had had enough and I just wanted off. I had already taken over what my cumulative dose should have been for my weight but my derm kept saying 'You shoud be clear for a month before getting off'... but every time i got new pimple it was like 'oh great another fkn month'...felt like I was gonna be on this medication the rest of life sometimes! I'm glad I bit the b
  5. I just thought I'd post this message to all those who might be losing hope that Accutane will work for them.. I was on Accutane for 7 months and was breaking out in one way or another virtually the entire course. Even once I stopped I was still getting tiny pimples regularly. I would always come on these boards and whinge and moan about why it wasn't working etc I'm sure some of you remember. About a month post Accutane all of sudden they stopped. For about the past 2 months I have been clear a
  6. Has anyone not completely 100% cleared from one course of accutane but had significent improvement and been happy enough with that? Say a few small pimples now and then? As much as it isn't perfect I think I am going to have to settle for this as I don't think my current situation warrants another course. Anyone in the same situation?
  7. I think very few people would be completely clear 60 days into the course. Just persist! it sucks but it takes time!
  8. Hi,Been off Accutane about 3 weeks. the fucker didn't really work but still gave me all the shiity side effects. Most of the side effects are gone except I still get a real dry nose which is beginning to shit me. How long till it gets better do you think? How long can side effects usually last for afterwards?
  9. After stopping Accutane about 3 weeks ago with virtually clear skin despite a small pimple here & there, I had had enough after being on 7 months and got off hoping things would continue to improve and they did. My skin really has improved but I am still pretty much everyday day getting these extremely tiny pimples mostly around the jaw. They pretty much completely disappear by themselves in a day or 2 (much better than before) but it still pisses me off that I’m not clear. Anyone else hav
  10. Hey.. I was on Accutane for 6 months & was clear at the end but suffered breakouts right through the course. As soon as I stopped it came straight back.. I went on for a stronger dose for one more month & even at the end of that I was still getting a few pimples. However 2 weeks since I have been off it my skin is looking better & better everday and I haven't had a new pimple since I stopped..I'm completely clear right now it's amazing! Its really encouraging as it looks like it has
  11. I was pretty much completely clear at the end of my course, except for like one tiny pimple or so. I was a bit concerned that it would return when I stopped but it has been about two weeks and my skin is looking great. It has improved even more, and the oil has not returned. I don't have as many side effects either. It definitely takes a bit of time to get out of your system though. What dose were you on? What was your Cumulative dose? How many mgs per kg did you end up taking in the end?
  12. Thanks man but everyone else I've heard has been clear after the first course for atleast a month or 2 before the shit comes back... I haven't had that... Just fkng persistant never ending :(. Is it alright to just keep taking box after box after box or should I wait a while and start a brand new course?
  13. I have fkng had enough of everything. I put the hard yards in with this fkng medicene.. got all the shit side effects the whole time, the peeling lips, terribly dry skin all the time etc, but I put up with it as I had no doubt in my mind I would be clear in the end and that would be the best thing in the world.. but guess what It hasn't fkng worked! I am still getting little fkng pimples almost every fkng day. Just a fkng nightmare. I feel I must just be a freak that it won't work or someshit..
  14. For those of you who did not completely clear by the end of your course of accutane… How many went on to completely clear in the coming months??